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Gaggenau’s new showroom opens in Melbourne

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The new Gaggenau flagship showroom in Melbourne is like a journey into the depths of the dense Black Forest in Germany. Dark, textured and reflective materials create an immersive experience, with Dekton® and Silestone® providing a distinctive backdrop to the highly sensory space.

“The surfaces allow the Gaggenau products to take centre stage while adding their own distinctive backdrop that invites a sensory exploration of colour, texture and tone,” Aleks Efeian, Senior Brand Manager for Gaggenau.

Gaggenau, founded in 1683 in Black Forest, is the oldest appliance brand in the world and a leader in luxury kitchen appliances. The company’s core values are long steeped in history, heritage and innovation, and this strong sense of tradition informed the design of its new showroom by Carr Design Group.

Located in a red brick warehouse in South Melbourne, the Gaggenau showroom is an immersive space and sensory experience. Carr Design Group restored the red brick work of the building to celebrate its heritage character, and inserted black steel frames at entry points in a nod to precision and innovation.

Dramatic, moody and sophisticated materials reflect Gaggenau’s Black Forest origins and express the strength and power of the brand. Textured brick walls and a strawboard ceiling lining support the illusion of being immersed within the Black Forest, and tall black mirrored columns allude to its towering trees and reflect the darkened surrounds. Appliances inserted within each tower are concealed from view until further exploration, and they glow within the black mirrored envelope, lit from above.

Dekton® and Silestone® feature on the benchtops, splashbacks and walls. Full-height Dekton® Sirius panels provide a dark, textured backdrop on the showroom walls. Similarly, Dekton® Domoos on the kitchen benchtops and splashback is dark and inky, while Silestone® Blanco Orion on the demonstration kitchen benchtop and splashback is a lighter coloured surface with delicate mottled grey veining. Dekton® Halo and Spectra on the bathroom walls provide contrasting white and black bathrooms.

Silestone® performs exceptionally well and convincingly withstands the intense and repeated use that circumvents scratching and staining,” says Aleks. “The Dekton wall panels continue to surprise and delight and is a durable and purposeful material that affirms the importance of selecting the right surface for the right application,” says Aleks.

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