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Introducing Cosentino in 2021

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Stepping into 2021, Cosentino is proudly reaffirming its commitment to innovation, sustainability and collaboration. As the market leader in state-of-the-art architectural surfaces, Cosentino is focused on its customers and partners, and to developing solutions that offer value and inspiration to people’s lives.

Commitment to innovation

Cosentino’s innovative products are the preferred architectural surfaces for architects and designers in Australia. The extensive range of Dekton®, Silestone®, Sensa® and Natural Stone provides infinite design possibilities and inspiration for residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

Anticipating the market’s wants and needs, Cosentino continuously expands its range of state-of-the-art surfaces. These products provide exceptional quality, design and performance, backed up by superior service and accessibility. The wide range of colours and finishes in each collection offers a vast range of design solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, and are constantly developed to match, and stay ahead of, current trends,

In 2020, Cosentino introduced The Collection, a series of Dekton® colours centred around four themes. Dekton® Portfolio is inspired by the world’s most coveted and ubiquitous stones, while Dekton® Liquid, by London-based PATTERNITY, draws inspiration from water and different states of liquidity. Dekton® Chromica, designed in collaboration with Daniel Germani, captures the sensitivity of nature, and Dekton® Avant-Garde is daring, bold and provocative.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability has been a long-standing focus for Cosentino and is an area of even greater emphasis and investment in 2021. As an environmentally conscious company, Cosentino is boosting its green credentials with the development of HybriQ+ technology and Dekton® Carbon Neutral, which are more natural, more sustainable and have less environmental impact.

HybriQ+ technology is an innovative evolution of Silestone® and it reflects Cosentino’s commitment to a circular economy of production. The result of more than three years of intense research and development, the new manufacturing process uses 100 per cent renewable energy and 98 per cent recycled water.

Dekton® is now officially a carbon neutral product, achieved for the entire life cycle of the product. This optimisation of production processes and techniques has resulted in a 7 per cent reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, with the remainder being offset through investment in GHG emission reduction projects certified by the United Nations.

Commitment to collaboration

Globally and locally, Cosentino collaborates with architects, designers and customers to develop solutions that meet their wants and needs and provide value and inspiration.

2020 saw the launch of Cosentino City, centrally located in the heart of Sydney at One30 Hyde Park, Elizabeth Street. The new showroom provides customers with an engaging destination to imagine, create and experiment with Cosentino’s complete range of surfaces.

Cosentino also offers exclusive programs, collections and specific ranges for architects and designers. The Cosentino We program provides exclusive services for a global community of professionals, while Cosentino Professional is a digital platform that provides full-service consultations and Dekton iD – the opportunity to customise Dekton® to create exclusive colour ranges.

Always striving to inspire and push the boundaries of design, Cosentino partners with local and international brands and designers who have the same core values and drive. Cosentino is proud to have Cindy Crawford and Janine Allis as product ambassadors. Benjamin Hubert created a striking architectural installation with Dekton® for Milan Design Week 2019, while Sydney-based Savage Design used Dekton Slim® for its elegant and versatile Pam Side table. The Australian launch event for the Ferrari F8 Tributo in August 2019 featured a dramatic custom-built Silestone® bar, and Waterforms International designed a breathtaking 22-metre-high waterfall with Dekton® for the new luxury residential development Waterfall in Sydney.

Cosentino is a global company with a local outlook and commitment to innovation, sustainability and collaboration. Cosentino looks forward to a successful 2021, continuing to work closely with architects, designers and customers, and developing and producing innovative architectural surfaces that perform beyond expectations.

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