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Introducing Dekton® Grip+ for guaranteed slip-resistance on Dekton® floors

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Cosentino’s Dekton® Grip+ is a superior new anti-slip treatment that offers exceptional performance and a smooth feel on Dekton® interior and exterior floors. Grip+ enables Dekton® to be used where a high level of slip resistance is required, maximising safety in high-traffic and wet environments.

Cosentino has been dedicated to the development of the anti-slip innovation and solution. The revolutionary finish adheres to the material before the particle sintering process that is involved in manufacturing Dekton®, thereby becoming part of its molecular structure. This modifies the visible face of the material in a controlled and precise manner and creates a lightly textured surface that gives the product guaranteed anti-slip resistance.

Dekton® Grip+ is suitable for interior and exterior flooring in public and private projects. This includes pavements, ramps, terraces, surfaces in and around pools, showers, spas and dressing rooms. The uniformity of the finish has a smoothness similar to that of standard Dekton®, making it pleasant underfoot and easy to maintain.

The surface also offers the advanced durability properties of Dekton® as a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass, porcelain and high-quality quartz surfaces. The ultracompact surface is resistant to scratches, stains, cold, heat, and UV rays. It also absorbs very little water, is easy to clean and never needs to be resurfaced, sealed or refinished. Combining the superior performance of Dekton® and Dekton® Grip+, it is an ideal solution for maximising safety in indoor and outdoor environments.

The higher safety index meets stringent international regulations and classifies Dekton® Grip+ as R11 under regulation DIN 51130. This allows it to be used for a 19-to-27-degree angle of slip, in food production facilities, mid-sized kitchens in restaurants and cafés, working environments where there is water and sludge, laboratories, laundries and hangars. It also classifies as C under regulation DIN 51097, which allows it to be used for an angle of slip greater than 23 degrees, and for areas where people walk barefoot into water and through pools.

Dekton® Grip+ can be applied to 16 Dekton® colours and will continue to be incorporated into other tones in the product range. It is currently available for a selection of surfaces across the Industrial, Tech, Wild and Natural collections, and can be combined with Dekton® standard-finish surfaces for a seamless look.

Cosentino is a global company with a local outlook and has redefined indoor and outdoor surfaces for the Australian architecture and design industry. Its innovative surface solutions perform beyond expectations, bringing aesthetics and functionality to the world’s most beautiful residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

Find out more about Cosentino’s Dekton® proucts here.

* Dekton® Grip+ is not stocked in Australia or New Zealand and will incur lead times up to 8 weeks.

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