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Introducing Dekton® Slim with an ultra-fine profile for sleek, minimalist design

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Dekton® Slim is a revolutionary new range of surfaces with an ultra-fine profile. At just 4-millimetres thick, Dekton® Slim has a sleek, minimalist design for cladding, benchtops, furniture, door panels and more.

Cosentino developed Dekton® Slim in response to demand for a thinner, lighter material. The reduced thickness and weight (10 kg/m2) makes Dekton® Slim an ideal choice for projects that require high performance and lightweight materials, and the new format is even more manageable to transport, cut and install.

Dekton® Slim debuts in nine colours from various Dekton® collections and will gradually increase to cover the full range. These colours vary from marble- to concrete-inspired surfaces, providing the opportunity to create cladding, furniture and joinery for a range of styles and settings.

Dekton® Natural Collection emulates the elegance and beauty of natural stone with a faithful reproduction of the veining formed by geological processes. Bromo has an organic appearance with a dark blue hue inspired by homogenous metamorphic rock, such as slate. Kelya is also a dark shade, presenting like black marble with soft veins. Opera is inspired by elegant Carrara marble, and Sirocco is a creamy coloured sintered material with the natural looks of marble and limestone.

Dekton® Industrial Collection is ideal for modern, contemporary and industrial-style settings. Inspired by classic concrete flooring, Kreta has a calm appearance with a uniform and restrained design and a background that smoothly blends dark and light grey. Sirius from the Dekton® Solid Collection provides a strong, simple surface with a solid black leather-like finish.

Dekton® is a new category of surface materials made with a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass, porcelain and high-quality quartz surfaces. As an ultracompact surface, Dekton® Slim is impervious to the elements, including scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat. It is easy to clean and never needs to be resurfaced, sealed or refinished. The ultra-durable performance of Dekton® Slim makes it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications, and large-format sizes allow for continuous surfaces and further accentuate its ultra-fine profile.

Cosentino is a global company with a local outlook and has redefined indoor and outdoor surfaces for the Australian architecture and design industry. Its innovative surface solutions perform beyond expectations, bringing aesthetics and functionality to the world’s most beautiful residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

Learn more about Dekton® Slim here.

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