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Kitchens By Designs: Five Proposals That Will Inspire You

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The kitchen has become the home’s most important space, the place that helps to bring the family close together, and where friends can spend great moments too. This fresh outlook of the kitchen as a participative and social space calls for more functional designs adapted to fresh needs and characteristics. This article will show you five modern kitchens by designs that will help you create more practical and beautiful environments.

Kitchens by Designs 1 – A Jewel of Modern Eclecticism by Steffany Hollingsworth

Kitchens by DesignsKitchens by Designs

Eclecticism is defined as the balanced combination of furniture, materials, textures and objects from different eras and styles. It also describes design environments that are harmonious and full of personality. In this first design of modern kitchens, interior designer Steffany Hollingsworth achieves this thanks to the mixture of styles in different elements, such as ethnic-inspired lamps, mid-century industrial details and rustic pieces. Eclecticism can also be seen in the use of contemporary tones and materials – such as Silestone’s Serena countertop –  with which one can design a very functional, modern and trendy kitchen.

Kitchens by Designs 2 – Nordic Design

Kitchens by DesignsKitchens by Designs

The Nordic style has conquered modern kitchen design for a few years now and it appears to be here to stay. The key to this kitchen is the use of light colours that enhance the feeling of brightness and spaciousness, which are the essential characteristics of this particular decorative style. The pale gray and white contrast elegantly with the deep-black floor. The patterned worktops simulate the texture and finish of marble, allowing Silestone’s Eternal Statuario model to add the perfect dose of naturalness and beauty the space needs. In addition, the peninsula designed for this project serves as a beam for breakfast or daily meals and Scandinavian-design stools made from beech wood help create a more functional family space.

Kitchens by Designs 3 – The Purity of White in a Traditional Space

Kitchens by DesignsKitchens by Designs

Finding modern kitchen designs in traditional housing is not an easy task. This kitchen, designed by Marblex Design International, is a perfect example of how to deal with such a challenge. In this nineteenth-century house, the challenge was to produce a modern kitchen that fits into the home’s vintage structure. The designers have chosen to open up the space as much as possible, adopting elements of straight and refined lines and the colour white as the absolute protagonist. They highlight the built-in furniture and appliances and the   flawless Silestone’s Zeus Extreme White countertop, which adds majesty and contemporaneity to the space. The result is a kitchen that looks simple, yet elegant and functional.

Kitchens by Designs 4 – The Elegant Mauve-and-Black Kitchen by Denise McGaha

Kitchens by Designs

The art deco of the twenties serves as the source of inspiration in the design of this elegant kitchen by Denise McGaha. The chosen colour palette, fine and delicate, creates a traditional and sophisticated environment. The designer chooses mauve (pale-purple colour named after the mallow flower) as the main colour, along with black-and-white for the countertops, producing a very beautiful contrast of colours. The gray tones used in the furniture add depth to the space, making it the ideal design for those looking for a more personal environment.

Kitchens by Designs 5 – Combining Rustic and Contemporary Styles

Kitchens by Designs

Kitchens by Designs

The combination of rustic elements with modern-style pieces allows for spectacular kitchens by designs such as this one. In this American kitchen project, rustic and modern elements are perfectly combined to create a warm and functional space. From the wooden beams in the ceiling, the white-lacquered furniture in the kitchen area, or the natural tone of the wooden isle, a balanced combination is produced with the smooth white-and-gray countertops, the iron stools and the industrial-style lamps. Also, the frontal lining deserves special attention for its elegant and trendy spike pattern – ideal for kitchens of this decorative style.

Modern kitchen designs cover all trends without disregarding the importance of quality materials and functionality. The synergy between the different materials, textures and colours gives rise to unique creations.


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