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Latest kitchen trends from Cantilever Interiors

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Pared-back colour palettes are leading the way in kitchen design trends as more renovators and interior designers seek the perfect blank canvas for expressing personal style. The growing consensus is that white is always right, but this classic shade is being given a new innovative edge through smart surfaces like Dekton® and Silestone® that create almost endless design possibilities.

Melbourne-based Cantilever Interiors is regarded for the highest-quality design, craftsmanship and installation of innovative Kitchen Furniture Systems and is at the forefront of kitchen design trends.  When it comes to a colour palette, Travis Dean, co-founder of Cantilever Interiors, says white is a classic choice for timeless, sustainable kitchens. Not only can it create the illusion of more space, it can also add a sense of value to a home because it doesn’t date. Pops of colour and personality can also be introduced by displaying objects on open shelving.


“Having a pared-back colour palette will allow your kitchen to always sit comfortably within the interior style of your home,” Travis explains. “Using white to balance the warmth of timber is a classic palette that will last as long as the kitchen, and allows the colours surrounding the kitchen, like furnishings, artworks, walls and window views to come forward, expressing the character of your home. Appliances in the kitchen can also be visually heavy, so choosing white for all the joinery creates a sense of lightness and space.”

Travis says the trend for pared-back kitchen colours is being matched by a push among renovators and interior designers toward simple, service-free island benches. As they are free from plumbing, gas and electricity, they can double as a table top.


This is where advanced surfaces, such as Dekton®, bring new possibilities to kitchen designs, such as multi-purpose benchtops. This ultra-compact surface is made from raw materials used to produce the latest in glass, porcelain and quartz surface productions and has undergone strenuous testing to ensure it is scratch, stain and impact resistant. This makes it perfect for a pared-back colour palette – even stubborn stains like red wine, coffee or kids’ texter marks can be easily wiped away from a white Dekton® benchtop.

“Benefits of a benchtop material like Dekton® include durability, heat resistance and an ability to design for indoor and outdoor spaces,” says Travis.

Dekton’s range of colours sits perfectly with the trend toward pared-back palettes and include gloss or matte finishes that will never go out of style.


Explore the Dekton® collection here

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Photography Martina Gemmola @gemmola
Styling by Manti Tuckfield @mantistylist

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