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cocinas de diseño italianas

Today Italian kitchen designs are big on space and style. Think beyond classic layouts and old fashioned decorations. In this blog we highlight creative Italian kitchens and bar areas that go beyond tradition and modernism.  

Two Stunning Italian Kitchen Designs by Two Visionary Designers

Italian kitchens are unique because they reflect the achievement and expertise of Italian culture in two main areas: art and design, and of course culinary delight.

We present two completely different kitchens: one striking, modern and bold, the other more traditional yet thoroughly contemporary and functional – a creation of warmth and beauty that uses the best of materials. Both kitchens draw from Italian Kitchen traditions which use lots of space, a welcoming, yet elegant mood, architectural elements, boldness, functional cooking, an entertaining room (always) and of course the use of opulent monochromatic colours and surfaces.

Patrizia Genovese’s Take on The Italian Kitchen – Bar Goes Bold

Cocicnas de diseño italianas

An Italian Kitchen that is so widely admired…..Architect Patrizia Genovese’s amazing design – featuring Cosentino products including the spectra countertop – uses the beauty of luxurious grey and a supple shine and smooth texture to create functional yet sculptural space. Bright, rich colour in soft furnishings, contemporary art and metallic architectural light fixtures allows for a sense of grandness. High polish distinguishes this design and a sense of old world opulence is achieved by the use of stone and marble floor and walls details, as well as shiny black brick. The complementary colours of pale green are offset with a delightful portrait of a woman evoking the impressionist paintings of Parisians at leisure. The room itself does the same, the soft yet illuminated colours evoke a sense of celebration all the while framed by the stone surfaces and structure of the geometric counters.

cocinas de diseño italianas

Outdoor light streams in – creating a gallery effect – and the bar area is framed so perfectly in monochrome. There is an artistic layering of texture: silestone, brick, marble and metal contrasting with the softness of the pale walls and velvet furnishings.

This design scheme is easily adapted or interpreted in residential spaces too. Imagine choosing a lovely brick or black subway tile full wall or backsplash. Add bright jewel tones for furnishings or a single focal wall. Choose the luxurious beauty of dark silestone for your centrepiece island in a small or large kitchen. Islands are a way to express architectural beauty and they function amazingly as prep surfaces, a space for entertaining and everyday family get togethers.

A Traditional Italian Kitchen Gets a Modern Update with Donna Mondi Interior Design

Donna Mondi’s Italian kitchen is entirely different but it has a kind of luxurious charm. She has cleverly arranged all the elements of a traditional, family-style kitchen with the best of modern surface design, wonderful storage and amazing cooking space.

cocinas de diseño italianas

The emphasis is on cooking space here – a double oven with a large stove top and ample counter space is perfect for parties or family get togethers. Meals can be prepared and cooked while entertaining guests, or while children draw or eat.

Lovely hanging lantern-style lamps light this communal space, and pure white cabinets with metallic hardware keep the lines streamlined and consistent. Dark grey subway tiles add a depth and opulence. The countertops are grey and white, a popular duality now trending in monochrome surface choices in kitchen decoration. Dark flooring adds a sense of warmth to the white canvas, and a suite of bar stools enhance the sense of welcome and allow the island to serve as functional and decorative.

We often think of the typical Italian kitchen as one with a more old fashioned, rustic style. However clearly space where food, friends and family come together can be absolutely contemporary.

No matter the footprint or palette, a modern Italian-style kitchen can express sophistication. There are many stylistic choices, but a creative kitchen design can be achieved with a bold artistic look like we see in Genovese’s project, or one can take inspiration from contemporary interpretations of family tradition so beautifully expressed in Mondi’s crisp, new space.

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