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N-Boost, the Silestone® 4.0 Revolution launches in Australia

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Silestone® N-Boost is a technologically advanced process for Silestone® quartz surfaces, which enhances the excellent technical and aesthetic features of the material

Cosentino’s latest innovation in the field of quartz surfaces has launched in Australia. Named Silestone® N-Boost, the new technological development is the most recent proof point showing the organisation continuing to revolutionise the industry.

Silestone® N-Boost modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, further enhancing its technical performance and aesthetic properties, making the cleaning and maintenance of Silestone® easier than ever before, achieving a greater intensity of colour and a more intense surface brightness.


It is the third development of the Silestone product which originally launched in 1990. The first occurred in 2005 with the creation of bacteriostatic protection for the material, and the second in 2012 with the introduction of the Suede matte Silestone® finish. Silestone® N-Boost is the latest, historic revolution for the Spanish brand.

Patented by Cosentino, Silestone® N-Boost is an advanced technological development which enhances the functionality, quality and beauty which have always defined Silestone®.
Silestone® N-Boost continues offering the other mechanical properties of the material including high resistance to impact and scratching, manufacturing in large sizes and customised formats, and adaptability to the most wide ranging demands of design and interior architecture. It also maintains the international certifications which accredit its quality: Greenguard,  and  NSF.Silestone®

N-Boost will be launched initially in the Silestone® Eternal Collection, as well as in the brand’s two new iconic colours: Iconic White and coming soon Iconic Black. During the course of the year this innovative treatment process will be progressively included in all the brand’s colours and thicknesses.

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