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Necessary information on White quartz benchtops

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The white quartz benchtop as a preferred choice for interior designers and architects is relatively recent. However, this modern-style benchtop has become an essential element in the design of 21st-century kitchens. In addition to its characteristic beauty, this type of benchtop features other very interesting qualities, such as its great durability, ease of maintenance and other qualities which we will present in this post.

The Durability of White Quartz

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world, rated 7 out of 10 in the Mohs Mineral Hardness Scale, only behind topaz, corundum and diamond. This value gives quartz benchtops a clear advantage over materials such as granite and other natural stones.

Although it is possible to find natural quartz slabs, new manufacturing technologies present quartz benchtops as an impeccable and functional surface. This material offers all the durability and benefits of the primary mineral, without needing any sealing (as is the case with other types of surfaces), because synthetic quartz benchtops contain between 6% and 10% resins.

This makes quartz benchtops highly-resistant to spills, cleaning agents and heat (usually up to 200°C). Nonetheless, despite its high resistance to heat, it is preferable to place table mats to ensure its durability in everyday use, as the differences in temperature over time could damage the quartz benchtop.

Quartz is a chemically inert material, as it does not react to most chemicals. There is no need to be concerned if liquids such as wine, juice or cleaning agents come into contact with the benchtop. However to maximise its preservation, the use of corrosive or oxidising products such as bleach should be avoided.

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White Quartz benchtop: Easy to Maintain

Knives, hot dishes, cleaning agents and food regularly come into contact with the kitchen benchtop. Choosing a quartz benchtop is, therefore, the most practical option because of its non-porous nature which makes it incredibly easy to clean. Benchtops made from natural stone, such as granite or marble, can absorb liquids due to their porous nature, leading to spots.

Also note that no specific cleaning agent is needed. Warm water and soap are more than enough to leave it completely clean and shiny.

Esto convierte a las encimeras de cuarzo en piezas altamente resistentes a derrames, productos de limpieza y al calor (generalmente, hasta 200ºC), por ejemplo. No obstante, es importante saber que, en su uso diario, resulta preferible colocar salvamanteles para protegerla y garantizar su durabilidad, ya que  los contrastes de temperatura podrían estropear la encimera de cuarzo.

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Quartz Benchtop Design Variety

Although there are different types of white benchtops, did you know that there are many design options, textures and finishes in quartz benchtops? Silestone by Cosentino is one of the top companies specialising in the manufacture of high-end quartz benchtops. Its full catalogue offers a variety of thinner or thicker designs, with coarser or finer textures and different finishes in accordance with one’s needs. Quartz benchtops are also available in a variety of colours, while the white benchtop is offered as one of its top products.

The simplicity and elegance of Silestone’s Eternal Calacatta Gold, which combines all the practical aspects of quartz with the luxurious aesthetics of marble, makes for an excellent choice in benchtops for kitchens and bathrooms alike.

In addition, a white benchtop is a perfect choice for designing small-sized environments that are exposed to little natural light, where tonality can expand the sense of spaciousness and brighten the environment.

Thus, the white quartz benchtop is both modern and practical. Its design options, durability and simple maintenance make it an excellent choice when it comes to planning or renovating a kitchen.

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Encimera blancaCalacatta Gold, Integrity Top, Silestone by Cosentino

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