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Silestone® returns to the forefront of innovation with Nebula Code

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Silestone® by Cosentino, a worldwide leader in quartz surfaces, presents Nebula Code, a new series of five colours that represent an evolution of the popular series Silestone® Nebula.

The next innovation for quartz surfaces, the new colours Hélix, Pulsar, Daria, Istmo and Dreis are inspired by the appearance and harmony of natural stone, with rich veins and a sense of movement. The new colours of Nebula Code are characterised by their warm, natural tones, ideal for creating striking environments at the embrace contemporary design.

These new tones are the result of work by the Cosentino R&D department employing some of the most advanced technology in the industry. This has resulted in a unique and distinct product for each customer, owing to the random, unrepeatable and original pattern of each vein in each creation.

In addition to its uniqueness, depth and beauty, Nebula Code provides the same high standard of performance and reliability of Silestone® by Cosentino, which possesses extraordinary characteristics including hardness, resistance to impact and scratching, extremely low absorption and an exclusive bacteriostatic property that improves its hygiene.

The new Nebula Code colours, which will be available in the Polished and Suede textures of Silestone®, will go on sale late 2013.


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Hélix: White and calming. Helix balances a dominant off-white colour with the natural suggestion of the vein. The careful construction of these patterns is offset with varying shades of gray, giving it a classic and pure appearance.

Pulsar: Brightness with a hint of colour. Pulsar by Cosentino symbolises the whiteness of pure quartz with veins that combine grey, beige and mustard hues. A classic option with a hint of light.

Daria: Subtly uniform. The light browns with strokes of beiges and pinks create simplicity in its pattern. Daria adds subtle harmony to surfaces that blends seamlessly into a variety of environments.

Dreis: Elegant style. Dreis offers the warmth of brown tones. With predominant dark shades as the foundation, the original and natural veins provide a stylish contrast.

Istmo: Environmental inspiration. Istmo uses the environment as key inspiration, with high chromatic adaptability making it the precise choice to create unique and beautiful environments.


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