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Theresa Casey’s Organic Loft Kitchen with Silestone® Eternal Series and Silestone® Iconic White

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Silestone® Trendsetter, Theresa Casey, designed her Organic Loft kitchen in collaboration with Cosentino, Kohler and Benjamin Moore. Her vision: An urban sanctuary. Theresa combined Silestone®, Kohler and Benjamin Moore products to draw on traditional and modern styles. The result, a beautiful open space filled with natural light, helping to bring the outdoors in. Theresa utilised colours from the new Silestone® Eternal Series; Calacatta Gold and Marquina, as well as Silestone® Iconic White.

Accessibility also played a pivotal role in the design of the kitchen. Theresa integrated an ADA-accessible roll-up counter and wider hallways to incorporate wheelchair access to the plan.


Outdoor space and organic materials seem to play a significant role in your kitchen design. Why is combining indoor and outdoor spaces important to you as a designer?

I think it is, and always will be, important to connect people to the earth, especially in urban environments. It grounds them, positively affects the psyche and forces us to see beyond our man-made worlds and connect to the seasons and the passage of time. I think it inspires us.

And do you think it’s a trending element in kitchen design?

No – I think it has always been a focus and will continue to be.


Your kitchen features strong artistic elements – from the sculptural light fixtures over the island to the art hanging over the wet bar. How did you select colours and materials that both contributed to – and complement – this artistic tone?

Bringing in handmade elements enlivens a space. In this case, the 1930’s Italian handmade sconces bring texture and interest to the wall. The hanging pendants above the island are wonderfully patterned, framing the island and symmetrical floating shelves perfectly.  Both lighting fixtures also complement the balanced, clean lines of the kitchen. I was so excited by the new Silestone® Eternal Series. I love Marquina; it adds a hit of graphicness to the archway between the two spaces, making the transition particularly engaging.


Art is always a reflection of the owners and brings “them” into the space.  In this case, the art is made by them as well as collected and inherited. I think it is very important to surround yourself with objects that have meaning, helping to connect you to where you came from, but still have meaning for you today.

Every element is important, and I decide where to place emphasis on by what mood I am creating. In this project, I wanted an environment that would allow space for the client’s passions, while leaving room for quiet contemplation. I am interested in learning what excites my clients so that I can incorporate those interests into their homes. In the kitchen/family room, there is space dedicated to books and art, the space also has a calm and nurturing atmosphere where the young family can create new ideas and come together. I started with Silestone® Pearl Jasmine for the countertops because of its freshness, it really contributes to the tranquil nature of the space. My work is very client driven, I don’t have a specific formula, so I always tailor unique, individual, concepts to reflect the client’s life.


Balance and symmetry are key components in this design. Can you tell us how you went about achieving this effect?

This is indeed a very balanced design. Centre view of the island with balance floating open shelves on either side of the stove, framed by the textured pattern of the matching light fixtures. A discordant element which is not symmetrical but rather organic is the installation of the art in the bar area. I purposely installed them this way because it creates tension and interest. Similarly, the accessories throughout are installed with this in mind. Too much symmetry can dull a space.

Your colour palette embraces contrast. What are your tips for homeowners looking to create a contrasting colour palette in their own kitchens?

Take inspiration from art – Franz Klein is a great example. While the Marquina archway creates a tonal contrast within the space, the Pearl Jasmine countertop complements the Calacatta Gold on the back wall with more subtlety and nuance.


Do you have any kitchen design tips for homeowners thinking about remodeling or building?

Don’t be fooled and think you can do it yourself, invest and hire a qualified architect and interior designer. It will save you time, money, stress and ensure that your space functions with a style that reflects you. You will have a comprehensive drawing package that is a crucial component for the team. Project management and assistance from your designer and/or architect is also essential.

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