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Bold Contrasts Wow Judges in The Blocktagon Laundry Reveals

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The Block contestants have a fresh challenge this season, tasked with creating stylish, functional spaces, in an octagonal-shaped building. In last night’s reveals, we saw contestants embrace bold contrasts within the odd-shaped spaces to create unique, modern designs. 

As seen in The Good Guys Kitchens on The Block, quartz surface specialists, Cosentino worked with couples to create fresh, functional laundries that reflected each team’s personal style. Contestants kept their laundries feeling functional and cool through bold contrasting neutrals, smart planning and strategic use of the small and odd-shaped spaces within their laundries.

Kingi and Caro took out this week’s laundry renovation challenge, with their space showcasing the beautiful tones of Silestone® Blanco Maple Orna and providing the ultimate storage needs and functionality for their future buyers.

Gary Isherwood, Area Manager for Cosentino Australia, said: “This season’s Block contestants made some brave decisions with their choice of colour contrasts without compromising functionality. All of the renovations highlight the growing trend of contrasting distinctive neutral shades to make a statement in what is generally a pretty functional space. Our Silestone quartz surfaces ensure that while the laundries look stunning, they are also practical.”

Neale Whitaker, judge on The Block and Cosentino ambassador, said: “This series of The Block has seen some of the most challenging and creative renovations yet, as the contestants get to grips with the joint demands of a problematic, octagonal building and its location in an affluent, inner-Melbourne suburb. It’s easy to consider the laundry as just a functional area, but this season, contestants have really embraced the space with some great designs!”

The Block laundries:

  • Kingi and Caro’s choice of the speckled white tones of Silestone® Blanco Maple Orna from the Tropical Forest series is the perfect selection for their simple yet chic style laundry. The use of Blanco Maple Orna is ideal for the couples conventional laundry, as the dark grey tiling effortlessly complements the fresh tones of Blanco Maple Orna, adding interest and depth to the well-designed space.
  •  Whitney and Andy chose the sophisticated tone of Silestone® Steel from the Platinum series, to complete the industrial look and feel of their laundry. The mild grey tones of the Silestone® Steel complements the laundry’s concrete background, with dark and light grey tones combining perfectly to help this laundry make a statement.
  •  Ebony and Luke have used the fresh tones of Silestone® Ariel from the Nebula Alpha range, to enhance the clean, natural look of their classically-styled laundry. The muted tones of Silestone® Ariel against the navy blue tiling provides a modern contrast, adding strength and charm to the space.
  •  Dean and Shay chose to combine traditional white tiling with the light speckled tone of Silestone® Bianco River, for a fresh take on modern neutrals. The dark matt flooring contrasts perfectly with the Silestone® Bianco River, adding an element of edge and intensity to the laundry.

Cosentino’s innovative range of stone, quartz and recycled surfaces offers a range of stylish colour tones and modern finishes. Highly resistant to stains, knocks and scratches, Cosentino’s surfaces are the perfect choice for living spaces like the kitchen, to ensure each room will look perfect come auction day and beyond.

Silestone® by Cosentino consists of more than 90% natural quartz, with the weight and feel of natural stone. Available in more than 60 colours, Silestone® by Cosentino is the stylish and durable surface choice for any renovation. Exclusive bacteriostatic technology provides extra hygiene protection, making it one of the most hygienic surfaces on the market.

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