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Cosentino Australia presents Silestone® – The World Leader in Quartz Surfaces

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15 December 2011

Following the launch of the Cosentino Group in Australia earlier this year, the company’s leading Silestone® range is now readily available for local designers and stone masons. Deliveries are now regularly being shipped from the company’s Spanish headquarters to the new Cosentino Centre in Sydney.

Silestone’s natural beauty and physical characteristics make it the ideal material to be used in a wide range of
commercial and domestic applications. Composed of 93 per cent natural quartz crystals and 7 per cent pigments, resin, mirror and glass, Silestone® has the weight and feel of natural stone but with superior quality.

Gary Isherwood, Area Manager of Cosentino Australia comments, “Cosentino Group is thrilled to provide our renowned Silestone® series to the Australian market. We know Australian consumers will enjoy the beauty and
unparalleled quality that our Silestone® range has to offer.”

Available in over 60 distinctive colours with a shade and tone consistency not found in natural stone, Silestone® colours range from the most explosive to the more natural, each adaptable to the trends and
demands of the Australian market. There are also three different textures available in a polished finish, leather finish (slightly textured matt) and the newest Volcano finish (a unique blend of rustic and soft). This wide range of colours and textures make Silestone® ideal for designers and architects to adapt for any style or trend.

Silestone® is most popular for kitchen benchtops, kitchen one-piece sinks and bathroom fittings. In Spain, one in every four kitchen benchtops are Silestone® by Cosentino, while in the US, Silestone® has a 75 per cent market share of quartz surfaces and more than 7 per cent in kitchen benchtops.

Gary Isherwood continues, “Our range of innovative Silestone® products and high levels of customer service will help us maintain our growth and expansion in the Australian market. As we continue introducing new products to the market, we hope to strengthen our relationships with stone masons, designers and retailers, as well as provide the quality products our consumers have come to trust.”

There are also a range of thicknesses available including 2cm, 3cm and 1.2cm, which is very unique to the market. The standard format size is 3040mm x 1380m, with a range of colours available in Jumbo
format 3250mm x 1590mm, which provides stonemasons with better value.

Offering a 15-year guarantee, Silestone® products are long lasting as they also have a high resistance to scratch and stains. Theyare extremely durable and are significantly more resistant to the cracking and
chipping that is commonly found in natural stone. Virtually non-porous, Silestone® does not require any form of sealing and can generally be cleaned with warm water and a mild household cleaner.

Aware of the importance of continuous innovation, Silestone® has constantly evolved its features to adapt to new market needs. Proof of this innovation is its unique finish, its wide range of colours and its bacteriostatic protection. The unique bacteriostatic property is incorporated in all Silestone® products and is specially developed by the Cosentino Group R&D department. This property provides extra hygiene protection throughout the life of the product in any application.

While it is most popular for kitchen and bathroom installations, Silestone® is also ideal for a wide variety of applications including vanity units, tiles and bar tops and can be used in a range of establishments from houses and hotels to shopping centres or hospitals.

Silestone® is also present in some of the world’s most unique constructions, such as the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Wembley Stadium in London, the Torre Agbar in Barcelona, and Telefónica’s flagship store in Madrid.