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Cosentino Group to open 10 new installations across the United States in 2012

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3 February, 2012

This year, Cosentino Group, the world leader in the production and distribution of quartz surfaces and other natural stones, will open 10 new distribution centres in the U.S. These openings will involve a total investment
of $29.5 million AUD (24 million euros), and seek to consolidate the leadership of the Spanish company in the market for quartz surfaces in North America. Furthermore, the investment aims to strengthen Cosentino Group’s logistics and distribution network, under a unique and differential business model in the
global natural stone industry.

The centres will be located in key metro areas such as San Francisco, San Diego, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Denver and Portland, among others. These new installations will add to the existing 12
centres that Cosentino Group has in operation in the United States, as well as the 15 kitchen worktop and other custom-made products cut-size factories. Cosentino Group has a strong commitment to accelerate growth in the US market and is aiming to have 22 “centres” operating at the end of 2012.

Due to the size and logistical complexity of U.S. territory, mid-2011 Cosentino opened a large logistics centre in the port of Houston, headquarters of the U.S. subsidiary group, Cosentino North America. As a  part of Cosentino’s continuous commitment to the U.S. market, it is also exploring new locations for a second
hub or central logistics centre.

Francisco Martinez-Cosentino, Chairman of Cosentino Group, comments: “This new facility will allow us to efficiently reach even more customers, increase commercial capillary and deploy our business model with more strength. The new U.S. centre will help us  not only reach a growing number of stone masons and home centres, but also kitchen studios, designers and architects.”

In 2011, Cosentino’s presence in the U.S. market amounted to $237.4 million AUD (193 million euros), representing almost 50% of total global sales and an 8% increase since 2010, which reached $220 million
AUD (179 million euros). With the new strategy, Cosentino Group expects to grow 18% annually until 2013, achieving estimated sales of $322.3 million AUD (262 million euros) in the U.S. alone.

As noted during the recent Distributors Convention, various economic indicators show the country’s overall recovery. In particular, the indicators are showing recovery in the housing sector and an improvement in
growth rates of spending on reform and rehabilitation of homes in the coming years.

Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino, Cosentino North America CEO, comments: “We are ready to respond to the opportunities of a country that is starting to grow again, and where consumers have more resources for home refurbishment, our primary business segment.” 

In the 17 countries where it operates with its own subsidiaries, Cosentino Group supports its distribution through these innovative comprehensive distribution and service platforms called centres. With a total client focus, the Cosentino Centres integrate different uses and functions, such as offices, distribution warehouse, training space, product and brand showroom, sales network and promotion network.  Today, the Spanish company has 60 of these “centres” operating around the world.