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Dekton®- the ultimate ultra-compact surface by The Cosentino Group

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Cosentino Group, the family-owned, global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, has developed their newest product, Dekton® for both indoor and outdoor applications, with technical features superior to any other surface in the market.

Developed exclusively by the Cosentino R&D department, Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultra-compact surface made with TSP technology (Technology of Sintered Particles), a manufacturing process that uses an accelerated version of the high pressure and high temperatures processes that occur naturally over thousands of years to produce natural stone. With Dekton®, the process is replicated and condensed into a four hour production period.

The result is a product with infinite design possibilities that will last a lifetime. With superior technical characteristics, such as resistance to UV rays and extreme temperatures, very low water absorption and porosity and high resistance to scratching and abrasion, Dekton® is resistant to all major environments.

“We are incredibly excited about the potential for all of our products in the Australian market, and Dekton® is no exception.  With our strong focus on R&D, we are working to continue to develop products that can be used is new and innovative ways, while continuing to meet our high technical specification to ensure they will stand up to any application. Dekton® will be available towards the end of the year, but the industry is already buzzing,” said Gary Isherwood, Country Manager for Cosentino Australia.

Dekton® is perfect for a multitude of uses, including flooring, stairs and walls, ventilated facades, countertops and work surfaces, providing the flexibility for both commercial and private use. Manufactured with a mixture of sophisticated inorganic, raw materials found in glass, porcelain and natural quartz, the environment has served as the key inspiration behind Dekton®’s design and innovation. Initially available in a range of nature-reflective colours and finishes and in large format, Dekton® allows surfaces and spaces to be designed without any limits or interruptions, where colour and texture flow freely.

Dekton® is Cosentino’s greatest technological and commercial achievement to date, and reflects the Group’s commitment to continuous innovation. Cosentino Group has invested a total of $172 million (AUD) and 22,000 hours of research to launch Dekton®, in order create their most versatile, environmentally-friendly and innovative product yet.

Dekton® by Cosentino is proof of continuous innovation still required in the field of materials for architecture and design is still possible, and increases the already extensive range of materials within Cosentino’s brands.

Dekton® will be available in Australia from Q4 2013.


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