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Influence of Colour

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Last month, we launched a new limited edition Silestone colour, Acqua Fracarolli to celebrate 25th anniversary of our most popular quartz surface.

A striking blue tone, Acqua Fracarolli is bound to make an impact in any space, so to launch our newest colour we wanted to do something a bit different for some of our customers in Sydney!

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 We hosted a special customer event in our Sydney City Centre, with colour specialist and founder of The Colour Agency, Jacquelene Symond to share insights around how colour can impact the look – and feel – of different spaces.

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An expert in the psychology of colour, Jacquelene shared valuable insights with our guests, explaining how different colours in a space can affect people in both positive and negative ways. The majority of us don’t even notice, but as humans, we source 80% of our information from the environment around us, colour plays a big role in influencing the mood of different spaces.

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Blank, neutral spaces can lead to under-stimulation which can cause restlessness, irritability or cause problems concentrating. Jacquelene used offices as prime example of this – often boring, bland office spaces can be very hard to work in. We need to be careful to balance colour though and not go too far to the other end of the spectrum, as overstimulation can also have negative affects including increasing blood pressure and heart rate.

Jacquelene also explained colour synaesthesia or the affects different colours can have on individuals – explaining why it’s so important to get a good balance of colour in a space.

She described colour synesthesia as the stimulation of a particular sense which leads to an automatic and instinctive creation of another sense. Although a difficult concept to grasp, Jacquelene explained that colour synesthesia is linked with associated perspectives i.e. green may be linked while red may feel warm to some people.

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Colour can also help make up for any shortcomings within a built environment- warmer colours such as oranges and reds can counteract a cold space while muted colours can help in noisy spaces.

Jacquelene focused on the importance of considering the purpose of a space and the people that would use it regularly to find the right colour palette for a new design, as colours can help create moods to influence the people within that space in different ways.

Once we’d all had a chance to try out our new colour skills, Jacquelene put us to the test, challenging us to describe the different senses associated with each of the colours within our Silestone and Dekton ranges. It was harder than we thought!

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Finally, after a very informative and entertaining talk, Jacquelene ended her session with a bang revealing the new limited edition Silestone colour for 2015 – Acqua Fraccaroli.

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 Acqua Fraccaroli is Cosentino’s latest colour within the Silestone range created by Brazilian designer, Brunete Fraccaroli to commemorate Silestone’s 25th Anniversary. The colour was inspired by the architect’s childhood memories, where strong, intense colours were always present. The colour stands out for its brightness and strength representing nature, health and happiness.

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