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Integrity by Cosentino® launches new DUE model in Australia

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1 March 2012

Cosentino Group, leader in the production and distribution of quartz surfaces, natural stone and recycled surfaces has announced the Australian launch of the new DUE sink model, the latest addition of the Integrity by Cosentino® range.

Integrity by Cosentino® is the company’s line of Silestone® integrated sinks, complete with all the qualities that make Silestone® the market leader in quartz surfaces. The product has been designed to simplify the installation process so it can be fully integrated with Silestone® bench tops, providing a stronger, seamless

Gary Isherwood, Area Manager of Cosentino Australia comments, “In the short time we have been in Australia, we have already seen a significant demand for integrated kitchen and bathroom options, so we’re
confident that Integrity by Cosentino® will be a huge success.

Not only are our integrated sinks great for those who are seeking both aesthetic and functional qualities, Integrity also exclusively offer bacteriostatic protection, which inhibits the growth of microbes such as
odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew; certainly an important advantage for kitchen and bathroom spaces where hygiene is crucial.” Isherwood continues.

The new Integrity DUE is characterised by its clean straight lines, compared to the first model, Integrity ONE, which features a more rounded form. Available in two different sizes[i], the Integrity DUE is ideal for both double and single sink spaces. Both sizes come in a range of colours, offering designers and consumers an infinite number of design possibilities.

Isherwood says, “The DUE is the ideal balance of elegance and minimalism. It is the perfect choice for those who see the simplicity of straight lines as a mark of style and beauty.

“We really are taking innovation in the quartz industry to a new level and I’m pleased we can offer the new range of products to our Australian customers,” Isherwood continues.

All Integrity by Cosentino® products have the traditional features and benefits of Silestone®: total hygiene, beauty, durability, high resistance to scratches, stains and acids typically found in the home, as well as guaranteed bacteriostatic protection.

Currently, only the Integrity DUE is available in Australia and can only be purchased be through approved Silestone® fabricators.

For further information please visit or call Cosentino Australia on 02 8707 2500.

  • [i] The Integrity DUE comes in two sizes. The first, measuring 37x34x15.5, is
    ideal for double sinks spaces; while the second, with dimensions of
    37x41x15.5, is the perfect choice as a single sink.

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