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Silestone® Authentic Life 2013: Silestone® gets innovative with a new campaign concept

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Sydney, 25th February, 2013.  Silestone®, the world leader in quartz worktops, launches its new “Silestone® Authentic Life” advertising campaign for 2013. This is a creative concept based on the true and authentic life lived by each person, and goes beyond the traditional campaign. It is a concept that will imbue the complete brand’s communication through its varied off and online channels all throughout the coming year. The idea is that home life is comprised of small scenarios that make up the reality we live. Small spheres that encompass a whole. This campaign enters these spheres of reality; in this case, those of a group of people,   exploring the intimate relationship they have with their Silestone® worktops and to discover how these help and inspire them
in their daily lives. This campaign acts as a  microcosm of true authenticity, giving shape and sense to home and professional tasks and which defines the “Authentic Life” of our protagonists.

“Silestone® Authentic Life” aims to inspire and adapt to different areas of the public – or target groups – that use this material on a daily basis, adapting to their needs thanks to the great versatility and characteristics that Silestone® offers.

This new campaign concept embodied by “Silestone® Authentic Life” is the fruit of this brand’s evolution over many years and has become a brand statement bringing together the wide range of aesthetic and functional possibilities that quartz worktops offer.

For the creation of “Silestone® Authentic Life”, five different ads have been developed with real  people, whom reveal what their “authentic life” is like. These ads show the diverse and important facets of this brand such as design, functionality, flexibility, innovation and its emotive nature.

The “Silestone® Authentic Life” campaign, in both the printed media and online on websites and social networks also comprises a making-of video and an extensive catalogue with much photographic material.

The five featured ambassadors include:

Macarena Gea, fashion and

One of the ads features Macarena Gea, one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture, in a workplace that mixes cool and vintage elements and where Silestone’s® Unsui coloured elegant worktop with Suede finish is perfectly integrated thanks to its top quality design and versatility, and even incorporates a Silestone Integrity® DUE kitchen sink. For Macarena Gea, a young businesswoman and lover of architecture and fashion, “Authentic Life is among the elements that give shape to our homes or the clothes we wear, and this is precisely what I write about in my blog”.

 Alain Guiard, chef

The well known chef Alain Guiard, who has an established cooking career and is the winner of the 2013 World Catering Championship, is another of the “Silestone® Authentic Life” protagonists. He is featured in an elegant and streamlined cooking area with a splendid Lyra coloured Silestone® worktop. Silestone® has become the perfect material for his kitchen as it is the only quartz worktop with bacteriostatic protection that guarantees maximum hygiene. For Alain Guiard, “Authentic Life allows me to enjoy the challenge of offering haute cuisine to my customers every day, establishing a connection with them and the ingredients I use, with my tools and with the kitchen itself”.

Íñigo Castro and Eli Pérez (Estudio Normal), designers and interior

The third “Silestone® Authentic Life” setting focuses on Estudio Normal and Íñigo Castro and Eli Pérez, recognised designers and interior designers. Aiming to offer a fresh design for every budget, their designs combine common sense and accessible solutions for everyday problems. This is how they envisage their work and put it into practice in the elegant ambience of their Estudio Normal, where a magnificent Altair coloured Silestone® worktop can be appreciated, as well as a built-in Silestone Integrity® sink and a radiant White Zeus Silestone® work table. This is where Íñigo and Eli create and breathe life into what both consider a truly Authentic Life to be: “spaces for sharing, for feeling, where much of what we experience is what makes each of us real. Our wish is for everyone to make their life unique and unparalleled”.

Xavier Mañosa, (Apparatu), potter

Xavier Mañosa is a potter who, together with his father runs Apparatu, an art project and a family tradition where they currently work on a new concept of decoration based on ceramics. In their workplace, surrounded by craftwork and art, are two elegant Silestone® worktops in Magenta Energy and White Zeus. Both surfaces are witness to Xavier’s great work which blends what he learnt of the profession from his father as well as newly gathered ideas from his trips away from Spain. “This blend of tradition and newness or applying the most modern ideas to ancestral designs is Authentic Life for me”, says Xavier Mañosa.

Josechu, (Taranná), cook and adventurer

Through his business and his  wide-array of experiences, Josechu, cook and adventurer, is also part of “Silestone® Authentic Life”. After travelling the world for a number of years he returned to Spain and began a new adventure – Taranná – an alternative business idea that challenges the concept of the typical neighbourhood bar. Serving traditional recipes but with an original twist of ingredients, Taranná is also different thanks to its interior design that achieves a mix of cosiness and exquisite good taste and where a Silestone®
Doradus worktop and a Carbono coloured table with a Suede polished finish play an important role. This is where Josechu spends his days in step with the experiences he has lived as for him “Authentic Life is breaking with what makes you unhappy, searching for adventure and applying your experiences to the future”.

Over three months of intense work was required to find these five people, whom thanks to their experiences, their philosophy of life, leadership skills, day to day work, and belief and trust in Silestone®, have become the faces of the “Silestone® Authentic Life” campaign.

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