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The perfect bathroom according to Colin Seah

Cosentino has just launched C·Bath, its comprehensive approach to bathrooms. A selection of leading international designers and interior designers have been brought together to help us draw a picture of tthe ideal bathroom. In recent years we have seen how this space, previously relegated to mere functionality, has increasingly become the main feature. Nowadays, bathrooms are just as important as other spaces in homes and commercial premises, such as restaurants: they are a letter of introduction to our guests and clients, as well as a place of privacy and relaxation for families in their own homes.

In this article we talk about the vision and experience of Singaporean designer and architect Colin Seah, who brings us a groundbreaking and unconventional approach. As founder of the Ministry of Design (MOD) studio, he explains that he and his team love to question where the inherent potential in contemporary design lies, and then to disturb the ways they are created or perceived, redefining the world around us in relevant and innovative ways.

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What makes the perfect bathroom for Colin Seah

For the designer, the bathroom is more than just a functional space, it is a place to rejuvenate the body and mind. When it comes to bathroom design, Colin looks at two different factors: the lifestyle of the users and the physical and cultural context. Based on these two aspects, he and his team strive for a totally unexpected design that redefines the typical bathroom experience.

In choosing the colour of the bathroom, MOD tries not to start from preconceptions, but to select its range of materials to enhance the specific conceptual and experiential quality of the bathroom they design in each project. As a result, they can go for all black in a bathroom in one house and much lighter and brighter tones in another.

The same applies to the choice of materials and surfaces to be used: it all depends on the desired design concept for each bathroom.

All in all, the ideal bathroom design for Colin Seah would be one that offers users a clear and pleasant experience of all functions.

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Bathroom trends according to Colin Seah

Colin Seah shares with us what he believes will be the bathroom trends in 2023 based on his personal style, marked by defiance of the norm, innovation and experiential design. Their projects are very disparate, but they all have in common the ability to provide the ‘woweffect and generate unique experiences.

Well-equipped showers overlooking the landscape

As we have discussed in another of our articles, the bathroom space has become a wellness hub. Oversized showers and bathtubs are a growing trend because they contribute to creating the spa-like experience we desire.
Colin Seah favours a well-equipped thermostatic shower, natural light and, wherever possible, a view of the landscape. This use of biophilic design in the bathroom helps us to relieve stress while allowing ourselves a moment of self-care.

En-suite visually separated from the master bedroom

Although it is increasingly fashionable to have an en-suite bathroom attached to the master bedroom, designer Colin Seah acknowledges that he prefers to separate the two spaces acoustically and visually with architectural design features. To this end, he uses wooden panels, glass structures and other solutions to help differentiate these spaces, whilst remaining fully integrated.

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Timeless design with sustainable materials

It is also important to Seah that his designs are timeless and sustainable, which is why he makes a conscious choice of environmentally friendly materials.

A prime example of this is the use of sustainable, carbon neutral surfaces such as Dekton, which Colin Seah relies on for many of his hospitality and commercial projects for their attractive appearance, durability and functionality. In 2022 the architect designed Garden Table, a unique desk in Dekton Umber from the Kraftizen collection, which brings nature inside the office through greenery and earthy colours.

To find out more about the latest bathroom trends in 2023, don’t miss this article in which we delve into Colin Seah’s vision and that of other renowned designers.

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