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Cosentino featured across several designs at Casa Decor 2018

Casa Decor in Madrid is a unique exhibition of interior design spaces visited by over 40,000 individuals from February 15 – March 25. Following last year’s success, Cosentino teamed up with several interior designers, decorators and artists this year to feature Silestone and Dekton in their spaces at Casa Decor 2018. These spaces include a variety of different Cosentino applications including table tops, countertops, bar tops, sinks and more. Of the 67 spaces designed this year, Cosentino has been featured in seven unique installations.

A space that already conveys emotion in its name alone, this dining room is a fusion of cultures and various artistic trends. The ‘Feelings’ created in this space are colourful and avant-garde, including architectural, pictorial, sculptural and photographic inspiration. The space is dominated by an elegant dining table made of Dekton Entzo. This table feels luxurious thanks to its metallic accents paired with Dekton’s gold veining.

Interior designer and plastic artist Jaime Jurado created this soothing lounge space using soft, elegant colours. He incorporates a dramatic pop of colour by featuring a bright yellow sofa, an anchor for the art inspired room. The ‘Art’ living room was designed with Dekton’s Entzo in various applications including table tops, sideboards and supports.

This small, Belgian-inspired apartment expresses the importance of recreating a practical, well organized space without compromising on elegance and style. One of the focal points of the space is the use of Dekton Kelya as the island countertop. Emulating black marble with light streaks, Kelya was the perfect choice for this modern and sophisticated space.

In partnership with furniture company Natuzzi, Raul Martins designed two stunning, harmonious environments with no shortage on unique textiles. He used Dekton Aura for the lid of a beautiful auxiliary piece of furniture and as the decorative composition for the wall.

Inspired by the avant-garde style of the 60s, designer Miriam Alia used this aesthetic to design a luxurious bathroom with dramatic flair. Her design incorporates a washbasin made with Silestone White Zeus Extreme, creating a beautiful, clean contrast to the colourful, textured walls and floors.

Designed on the rooftop of Casa Decor, this luscious green space is a garden escape from Madrid’s urban environment. It combines indoor and outdoor elements, including two greenhouses. One greenhouse includes a bar made with Dekton Entzo. The white, marble-looking surface creates a natural look while still providing a beautiful contrast to the greenery throughout the space.

This ‘Dorian’s Story’ auditorium allows the imagination to run wild with nature as its central theme. Designed with technical textiles, used in the chairs, ceilings, walls and decorative elements, the space tells a story of colour and touch. One piece in particular, the catering bar, features Silestone Eternal Marquina. It’s dark black background and bright contrasting veins pair beautifully with the wooden frame of the bar.


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