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Maison Source: A kitchen-workshop that is part of a dream home

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French photographer and blogger Loïs Moreno and her family have always dreamed of having a house that symbolised freedom and simplicity. A place to fill with life, on a personal level as much as a professional one. Loïs’ husband is a pastry chef and because of this, they were looking for a kitchen with a purpose: for organising cookery workshops for gourmet enthusiasts, which would become a kind of creative, gastronomical laboratory inside a large kitchen, without losing any of its warmth.

Name: Maison Source

Location: Lyon

Work end date: February 2020

Fabricator: Marmoles Moreno Calvo

Client: Loïs Moreno

Image of loismoreno 13 in Maison Source: A kitchen-workshop that is part of a dream home - Cosentino

 Cosentino materials

Application: Kitchen worktop and fronts

Material: Dekton

Colour: Olimpo

Thickness: 1.2 cm and 2 cm

Quantity: 2 slabs

Formats: 144 x 320 cm

The family at Maison Source were very clear that the kitchen should be the centre of the home; a large and functional space adapted to suit their needs. High-quality and highly resilient raw materials would be their main way of achieving the desired result. Both wood and stone are the star materials in this room in the house, where sunlight has free roam, making it cosy and practical for daily life.

Image of loismoreno 30 1 in Maison Source: A kitchen-workshop that is part of a dream home - Cosentino

The kitchen worktop and fronts have been designed using Dekton Olimpo. A design brimming with personality and assertiveness, inspired by the finest quality Carrara marble. It encompasses the elegance of a grey-toned grain on top of a white background, which enhances all its details with a dazzling sheen.

Olimpo is one of the colours from the Stonika by Cosentino collection, which imitates nature to create classic colours with a hyper-realist beauty. This shows off its vibrant textures which give it an antique look, but are made possible by the highest technological features that this revolutionary surface offers. Dekton is inspired by the beauty of nature, bringing with it all the advantages of its day-to-day care.

Image of loismoreno 21 in Maison Source: A kitchen-workshop that is part of a dream home - Cosentino

Loïs, who is originally from Spain, tells us that she has known about Cosentino for a long time. Thanks to its high resilience and versatility, she and her family have chosen Dekton to form part of their home.

Loïs and her husband were looking for a surface that was both long-lasting and practical, but above all, easy to care for. Dekton is highly resistant to heat, scratches and stains. It is also non-porous, which makes it quick and easy to clean. What’s more, it doesn’t need any special treatment. The easy care and the advantages of its surfaces seemed to tick all the boxes for Loïs’ busy family life and professional activities. For them, it was vital to keep domestic chores in the kitchen as simple as possible.

Image of loismoreno 12 in Maison Source: A kitchen-workshop that is part of a dream home - Cosentino

As for the colour, Loïs says that they chose Olimpo because of its elegance and shine. A colour that imitates the beauty of marble without its flaws. When mixed with wood, this colour gives a very minimalist look to the part of the kitchen which opens onto the living room. The contemporary beauty of Dekton Stonika provides the kitchen with the straight, clean lines that were sought by the owners of Maison Source.

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