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Cosentino City Antwerp is located in a 463 m2 premises in the south of the city, in an area well known for its interior design studios and antique and furniture shops. It offers a library of materials where you can find inspiration and develop all kinds of projects, several social areas in which to interact with customers and other professionals, and an area with advanced digital design tools at your disposal. With a packed agenda of events, talks and shows, Cosentino City Antwerp is designed as a meeting point for the creative community and as a space to get to know the latest Cosentino products in their different applications, which include worktops, façades, flooring, cladding and bathroom applications, among others.


"As an interior designer, I recently visited the Cosentino City Center in Antwerp. The showroom is beautifully designed, featuring stunning installations that showcase the versatility and durability of Cosentino's products. The staff at the City Center was very helpful, providing me with valuable insights into the latest design trends and applications for Cosentino materials. The space truly inspired my creative process."

Janna Viersen

Interior designer

"I highly recommend the Cosentino City Center in Antwerp to fellow architects and designers. The Cosentino City team was also professional and supportive, offering valuable advice and guidance on how to incorporate their products into my projects."

Jonas Vanderweelde

Interior Architect

"I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Cosentino City Center in Antwerp and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the space, especially the facade installations and slabs on a large format. The showroom is designed with creativity and functionality in mind, where I love to take my clients as an experience in their decision-making process."

Axelle Dubois


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