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  • Eternal Calacatta Gold

    Features large, grey river-like veins with a touch of elegant gold detail atop a pure white base.

    Bold and elegant.

    Kitchen Eternal Calacatta Gold
  • Eternal Statuario

    Its feathered movement harmoniously combines white and grey tones to establish a soothing presence.

    A statement of colour and harmony.

    Kitchen Eternal Statuario
  • Eternal Marquina

    Evocative of Black Marquina marble, it strikes with its rich, black background and intense, white details.

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  • Charcoal Soapstone

    Draws influence from the natural beauty of blue-grey Soapstone, with a distinct contrast between the energetic, white veining and deep, charcoal foundation.

    Charcoal Soapstone

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  • Eternal Serena

    The soft, grey tone of Eternal Serena comes from the distinguished beauty of Italian sandstone. The fine, gentle white veins provide just the right amount of contrast.

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  • Recurso 5

    I´m Eternal

    Say I am clarity where rivers of grey reflect the golden sunrise across my white landscape.

    Simply say I am Calacatta.

  • Recurso 10

    I´m Eternal

    Say I am ice, cracked glacier over the stormy sea.

    Simply say I am Statuario.

  • Recurso 6

    I´m Eternal

    Say I am the night, dark intense beauty adorned with celestial ribbons.

    Simply say I am Marquina.

  • Recurso 1

    I´m Eternal

    Say I am grey with an almost green chalk-like hue, like the lagoon that captures the storm.

    Simply say I am Soapstone.

  • Recurso 7

    I´m Eternal

    Say I am fine sandstone, wild beach, sharp delta of white foam.

    Simply say I am Serena.


Eternal, a unique collection

The colours of the Eternal Collection are inspired by the world of natural stone. For this reason, each colour has a unique layout of veins, turning each hue into a unique piece.

  • Kitchen Eternal Calacatta Gold Recurso 5
  • Kitchen Eternal Statuario Recurso 10
  • Kitchen [s_show_trans string=0 number=12 <Recurso 6
  • Kitchen [s_show_trans string=0 number=21 Recurso 1
  • Kitchen [s_show_trans string=0 number=25 Recurso 7
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