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Cosentino launches new Dekton Stonika Collection in Canada

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Cosentino has introduced its latest Dekton collection, Stonika, with six new shades. The ultra-compact surface collection has been created with the most advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior applications.

The Stonika Collection was inspired by the world’s most coveted natural stones. Each shade is finished with spectacular shine and provides unrivaled durability promised by Dekton. Stonika also offers the best resistance to thermal shock and impact on the market thanks to Cosentino’s continued commitment to being industry leaders in research and development for both design and durability.

The six shades belonging to the Dekton Stonika Collection are as follows:

Dekton Stonika - Olimpo

Olimpo takes inspiration from the very best Carrara marble. Dramatic, elegant veining against a soft white background is accented by its dazzling shine.


Dekton Stonika - Bergen

Bergen channels the perfection of Portobello natural stone. Its intricate, sculptural structure is strengthened by a lustrous finish.


Dekton Stonika - Arga

Arga embraces the iconic texture and soft warmth of Taj Mahal quartzite. The soft, creamy background with subtle veins intensifies its dramatic composition.


Dekton Stonika - Taga

Taga, also inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite, offers a more modern interpretation to align with the latest trends while maintaining the true character of the stone, with grey tones and marble veins to highlight the surface.


Dekton Stonika - Sogne

Sogne captures the distinctive, weathered beauty of Grey Pulpis natural stone. With a texture that blends natural stone and aged concrete, it evokes an industrial aesthetic with the juxtaposition of ultra-glossy shine.


Dekton Stonika - Korso

Korso embodies the same texture as Sogne, but with warm, luxurious earth tones. Grey veins coupled with its intense base makes a striking statement.


The Stonika Collection features Dekton’s renowned durability with its high resistance to UV rays, stains, scratches and thermal shock. These technical properties are a result of its creation from a sophisticated blend of raw materials including glass, quartz and porcelain.

Due to its durability and ease of care, the Stonika Collection is ideal for a variety of applications. These include flooring, facades, wall cladding, countertops, stairs and more. The collection is available in a large format size and a variety of thicknesses, expanding the creative possibilities for consumers, architects and designers in residential and commercial projects.

The Dekton Stonika Collection is now available for purchase in the Canadian market. For more information visit

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