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Cosentino unveils The Collection Dekton 2020

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Cosentino has announced its largest Canadian product launch to date. The Collection is an innovative launch model for the annual release of new colours and series across main product lines Dekton, Silestone and Sensa. The Collection Dekton 2020 is the first of this release shared this year and features four colour series with their own distinct personalities.

The Dekton Liquid series includes three shades – Liquid Ember, Liquid Sky, Liquid Shell – all of which capture the elegance and fluidity of moving liquid. This series, created in partnership with London-based design studio PATTERNITY, highlights the beauty of nature, increase environmental awareness and encourage sustainable design practices.

Image: Liquid Sky – wall cladding and bath

Designed in collaboration with Daniel Germani Designs, Dekton Chromica takes inspiration from the colours seen in nature’s wildest and remote places. The two deeply saturated hues in this series are Baltic and Feroe.

Image: Chromica Baltic – kitchen island, worktop and wall cladding

The Dekton Avant-Garde ‘20 series includes three exclusive shades that create a huge impact in many different design spaces. Laurent, Helena and Khalo boast spectacular shine and unrivalled durability.

Image: Avant-Garde ‘20 Laurent – kitchen island and wall cladding

The Portfolio ‘20 series is characterized by classic styles and neutral tones. The range of three colours, including Rem, Bromo, and Milar, has been created to suit different architectural styles and a variety of project needs.

Image: Portfolio ‘20 Bromo – kitchen worktop, tabletop and wall cladding

Also launching is Dekton’s new colour Uyuni, a fresh and bold white inspired by the visual purity of the largest natural salt flat on the planet. The colour revolutionizes the concept of the colour white and offers an innovative aesthetic as the whitest white available on the Canadian market.

Image: Uyuni – kitchen island

Due to the premium nature of the collections, some of the series will only be available to members of Cosentino’s VIP loyalty program.

To view the full press release, click here.

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