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Cutting Edge Cladding materials with Cosentino

Contemporary design continues to be a popular choice amongst homeowners. As a result, designers are choosing alternative materials for cladding to stay ahead of the trend. Surface cladding delivers an ultra-modern aesthetic paired with extreme long-lasting durability. Read on for examples of unique applications as we explore durable exterior facades, fireplaces that create a design focal point and stunning shower inlays using Silestone and Dekton.      /></p><p><img
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   /></p><p><strong>Fireplace Cladding</strong></p><p>Re-think the classic brick fireplace. Designing a modern yet simplistic fireplace can be easily achieved with Dekton, as the ultra-compact surface is extremely heat resistant. Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield recently designed an open concept condominium with a stunning fireplace wrapped with Dekton in the colour Keon, part of the Tech Collection. The fireplace cladding added an industrial element to the space integrating the look of concrete complemented by the natural wood flooring.</p><p>Design possibilities are extensive with over 40 colours to choose from including a variety of finishes that look like natural stone, wood, steel and textured concrete.</p><p><img
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