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Dekton, a flooring favourite

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Walk on it, stomp on it, even click your heels on it! High traffic areas are no issue for Dekton Ultra-Compact Surfaces by Cosentino. Architects and designers are starting to use Dekton as an alternative to traditional flooring because of its extreme resistance to abrasion. It will not show wear over time and will never need to be resurfaced. On average, refinishing hardwood floors can cost anywhere from $600-$3,500* and takes several days to complete. Dekton can withstand even the toughest conditions all while maintaining its aesthetic integrity, saving homeowners the cost of maintenance and valuable time.


Dekton in Aura

Dekton’s revolutionary properties make it highly scratch resistant, fade-resistant, completely stain proof and render it highly resistant to heat and cold allowing it not to scorch or crack under extreme temperature changes. It is great for both interior and exterior applications.

Designers also have total freedom when it comes to flooring, as the surface is available in large format tiles from 28’’x 28’’ to jumbo slabs 56’’x126’’ and a variety of thicknesses including: 8mm (5/16”), 1.2cm (1/2”), 2cm (3/4″).


Dekton in Danae – Photo Credit: Fernando Alda

Stairs can often be a challenge with architects and designers preferring to use materials that can be adapted to any space. Dekton’s versatility allows for it to be used as raised or traditional stairs due to the different thicknesses and large format capabilities. This achieves uniform and uninterrupted steps.

And what better way to demonstrate Dekton’s extreme durability than to have it installed in one of the highest traffic areas in Toronto? Baseball fans, concert goers, conference attendees, you name it, have all walked on Dekton which was used to create stairs at the iconic Rogers Centre.


Dekton in Irok

Available in over 36 colour options, Dekton comes in a variety of beautiful solid and high-gloss colours including finishes that look like natural stone, wood, oxidized steel and metal, and textured concrete. The design possibilities are endless!
Whether it’s an application in a busy office building, or a busy household, Dekton promises beautiful design paired with innovative durability. For more information visit the Dekton website at:


Dekton in Danae

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