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Dekton by Cosentino introduces four new state-of-the-art colours in Canada

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Dekton, the ultra-compact surface brand from Cosentino, has added four new innovative colours in the Canadian market. The new shades join existing Dekton collections and offer a range a of beautiful dark and light hues with the same excellent technical properties expected of the revolutionary surface brand.


Dekton Nayla is the latest shade to be added to the Dekton Natural Collection. Bright and white, Nayla is defined as a granulated matte white colour that brings light to any decorative environment.


Dekton Fossil is a textured, mottled dark gray stone with fossil-like organisms reminiscent of ancient times. The spotted pattern gives natural beauty to any space.


Also new to the Dekton Natural Collection is Kira. This earth tone colour is multifaceted, imitating Grey Pulpis natural stone with intricate veining throughout the surface.


With its high-gloss look, new Dekton Vienna offers a grainy, brilliant white tone that brings clarity to any design project. It’s an ideal choice for building timeless spaces full of light. Vienna joins the XGloss Basic Collection.

Extremely well received by the Canadian market since its introduction in 2013, Dekton offers durability unlike any other surface material. Created from a sophisticated blend of inorganic materials using an advanced ultra-compaction process, Dekton has a high resistance to scratches, stains, thermal shock and intense UV rays. This ensures Dekton surfaces are nearly indestructible and easy to maintain, providing an abundance of application possibilities including both interior and exterior projects, including flooring, facades, wall cladding and countertops.

Look for the new Dekton colour additions at Cosentino City Showroom locations in Montreal and Toronto and Cosentino Centres in Calgary and Vancouver and Stanstead.

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