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Designers Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander talk kitchen design

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When popular designers and media personalities Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander co-founded their Toronto-based design firm, Peloso Alexander Interiors, they combined nearly 40 years of commercial, residential and hospitality design experience. Their unique individual tastes combined with their passion for interior design has allowed them to create beautiful spaces for their clients. We recently sat down with Glen and Jamie to discuss one of their latest projects, a sleek and modern kitchen redesign.



1: Can you tell us a bit about your vision for this kitchen?

This kitchen was conceived as a food lovers space in an entertainment focused home. The island includes appliances and countertops featuring an inset cutting board over the induction cooktop. Really, everyone can enjoy a meal at this counter. It could also be set up as a great buffet spread for larger groups. Entertaining and taking good care of guests is paramount with a built-in coffee maker, steam oven and a gas cook top with an oven underneath. The beautiful line of the countertop is uninterrupted in the view from the adjoining rooms.

2: What colour did you decide to use for the cascading island countertop?

We used Silestone’s White Arabesque for the island countertop because of its antimicrobial properties. The surface provides the perfect contrast to the cabinets, while still playing with the colour because of the black graining.

3: What is your favourite feature of this room?

We love the cascaded countertop with the inset walnut cutting board as part of the island. We were also very happy with the backsplash because it speaks to the traditional subway tile we are all familiar with. The oversized and bevel detail of the tile provides a simple interest while working beautifully with the countertop colour and style.

4: Finally, what is your top advice to your clients to create a ‘happier home’?

The secret to a happy home is really a happy plan. Understand what your needs are and let a professional guide you through the process. Make sure you use products that don’t require a great deal of maintenance while providing you with as much beauty and function as possible. Designing a space that suits you, your lifestyle and your home will support you, versus needing to adapt to the limitations of your home.


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