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Industrial chic Trilium adds to Dekton’s diverse offering

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Canadian design enthusiasts will more than appreciate new, exciting choices in the surfaces industry. Cosentino has just launched its first Dekton recycled content colour option  – and it is stunning to say the least! The latest colour to join ultracompact Dekton’s Tech Collection is called Trilium, made using recycled materials from its own production process.   

Sustainable design is becoming a mainstay in interior design trends, and the new Trilium offering can not only take its place in LEED projects, but can add an intriguing aesthetic dimension. Although Trilium is the first recycled surface to come out of the Dekton line, new eco-friendly colours are expected to be added in the near future.

Designers who were given a sneak peak during the recent Canadian ‘A Taste of Dekton’ colour launch events held this past June gave the new offering a collective thumbs up, picturing it in contemporary urban settings and outdoor applications. In fact, when put to a vote, event attendees were most excited about Trilium out of all of the newly launched colours featured in the Dekton spring colour line up.

Trilium captures the visual texture and colour variation of aged and oxidized stainless steel with hues ranging from deep grays and blacks to rusty undertones, giving it an incredibly genuine appearance. The surface is smooth to the touch and like all Dekton products, can withstand the elements including scratches, stains, UV rays and temperature shock. For more information on Dekton and the new Trilium colour, click here.

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