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Kate Builds features Dekton in her kitchen

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Kate Campbell, celebrity renovator of the hit web series Kate Builds, recently partnered with Cosentino to complete one of the most important renovations of her career – her own home! Together with her husband Dave, the pair transformed their 150-year-old farmhouse into the home of their dreams, featuring Dekton as the countertop surface for their kitchen. We sat down with Kate to talk about the renovation and the design inspiration behind her kitchen.


Can you tell us a bit about your vision and inspiration behind the kitchen redesign?

My vision and inspiration for my kitchen stemmed from everything that was lacking in the previous kitchen. It was a dark space with little natural light, it was closed off from the rest of the house, it didn’t have any natural flow, it was out of date (we’re talking tile *gasp* countertops) and it needed a major facelift. Therefore, I wanted to create a space that felt open, airy and light with a big beautiful island too for food prep and to congregate around.


Why did you choose the colours you picked for the space?

I chose white for all of the exterior cabinets in the kitchen with an accent of dark blue for the island. I wanted to break up the light colours with a pop of something and dark blue is one of my favourite colours (so much so that I painted the exterior of the house in the same colour).  I wanted to find a countertop that went with my clean, light, elegant aesthetic, which is why I went with Dekton Aura15.


How have you found the durability of Dekton from a day to day perspective?

Dekton is like no other product out there. I like a very clean, organized kitchen so having a countertop that was durable and easy to clean was essential.  Even though I went with Aura, which is mainly white, I don’t have to worry about my countertop staining from coffee, red wine or any other contaminants. I would recommend Dekton because not only is it aesthetically pleasing and natural looking, but it is functional and durable as well.  It’s a beautiful addition to any space.


What is your favourite part about the kitchen?

My favourite part of the kitchen is how the Dekton countertops carry right into the backsplash for a seamless, clean, elegant look. It’s a piece of art that wraps the whole kitchen.

Finally, what is your top advice in creating the perfect kitchen?

My advice is, do your research and really think about how you want your kitchen to function.  Lay out the space before you start and pick products that help streamline, organize and simplify your life.

For more on Kate’s renovation journey and to watch full episodes of her web series – ‘The Major House Renovation’, click here.





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