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Milan Design Week 2017: “Madera Meets Dekton”

Celebrating Milan Design Week, Cosentino joined creative forces with Riva 1920, a firm who specializes in the production of solid wood furniture to create their project “Madera Meets Dekton,” a spectacular credenza created by renowned designer, Daniel Germani. The piece is currently being showcased at the Cosentino City in Milan.


The body of Madera is an elegant frame built with Dekton® ultra-compact surfaces in high polished Spectra XGloss. It is embraced by two organic pieces of solid American walnut wood carved to perfection by the master woodworkers at Riva1920.

“It is an honour to collaborate with Riva 1920 to bring to life Daniel’s creativity. The combination of solid walnut and the stunning crystalline shine of Dekton® Spectra resulted in a unique and spectacular piece of furniture that is a gift to the world of international design,” said Santiago Alfonso, Marketing and Communication VP for Cosentino. “Madera Meets Dekton®” reinterprets the essence of wood through its combination with Dekton®, a material that thanks to its nature and technology offers a unique look and functionality for design and architectural applications.”


Designer Daniel Germani who is known for his extraordinary furniture designs became involved with the project after visiting Riva1920’s shop to learn about their process and techniques. “In that moment, the softness and malleability of the wood and the hard, resilient almost stubborn nature of Dekton® made perfect sense together, almost like a hug or an embrace. The rest is history. I am so proud that Cosentino and Riva 1920 allowed me to design, play and push the limits of the materials. This is just the beginning because the possibilities are endless,” Germani explained.

“Madera Meets Dekton®” reflects handcrafted design combined with innovation linked to technology. It is the result of an extensive research about raw materials, respect for the environment, innovative creative processes and work done with the utmost quality.

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