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Cosentino adds three new colours to the ground-breaking Dekton Industrial Collection


Dekton by Cosentino has launched three new colours to its acclaimed Dekton Industrial Collection offering. Laos, Soke and Lunar, bring the collection to seven colours. Adding to the award-winning collection designed by Phoenix-based architect and designer Daniel Germani, these colours add a calm, careful aesthetic to the existing collection.

The hues showcase Cosentino’s continued mastery of the industrial aesthetic, putting rough, unexpected materials such as concrete back at the forefront of design.

The three new Dekton Industrial Collection colours are:

Dekton Industrial - Laos

Laos: a dark and weathered reinterpretation of the industrial look with golden tones, grey veining and a matte finish.


Dekton Industrial - Soke

Soke: is strongly inspired by traditional concrete, with realistic cracks set over a detailed background of greys.


Dekton Industrial - Lunar

Lunar:  boasts a smooth structure and white base, offering an intriguing minimalistic yet modern approach.


Unlike the materials that sparked the Industrial Collection’s design, Dekton is incredibly smooth to the touch and impervious to the elements. This includes scratches, stains, UV rays and temperature shock. Its ultra-durable performance makes it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications: countertops, facades, cladding, flooring, stairs and more. It is available in large format slabs, measuring 56” x 126”, and in thicknesses of 8mm, 1.2cm or 2cm. This variety allows for seamless creative possibilities for architects and designers, in both residential and commercial projects.

Laos, Soke and Lunar are now available for purchase in Canada. For more information, visit:

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