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New Silestone Loft’s Seaport takes inspiration from Manhattan’s small seaside neighbourhood

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Cosentino’s latest product launch, the Silestone Loft collection, includes five captivating shades inspired by several influential alternative neighbourhoods around the world and their industrial personalities. The collection shades are inspired by the look of concrete and cement, abandoned factories, large workshops and warehouses found within these unique neighbourhoods.

The third shade introduced in the collection is Seaport, a colour inspired by a small seaside neighbourhood in lower Manhattan. The exposed bricks, worn concrete and distinctive wood from the docks in this area were all characteristics incorporated into the making of Seaport.

This shade resembles dark, worn cement and features striking white veining that blends perfectly with its background. An eccentric colour, with personality ready to satisfy the most demanding design preferences, Seaport complements all kinds of wood tones and matches well with worn leather. It’s the perfect shade for intimate spaces.

Seaport, along with the rest of the Silestone Loft collection, is Cosentino’s first series to be created with their innovative and exclusive HybriQ+ technology. This new production process embodies the company’s commitment to the environment, circular economy and sustainable management, and helps in the continued development of a new generation of Silestone for years to come.


With HybriQ, reused raw materials are used in the manufacturing of Silestone Loft. Cosentino’s production process uses 98 per cent recycled water and 100 per cent renewable energy. This hybrid formula is made up of minerals and reused raw materials such as recycled glass. And, thanks to HybriQ+ technology, the presence of crystalline silica is significantly reduced. This new composition provides the quartz surface with a modern aesthetic, while maintaining the quality and beauty of Silestone, backed by a 25-year warranty.

To learn more about the Silestone Loft collection, and Seaport, please visit our website.

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