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Nutrition and food expert Tori Wesszer cooks up kitchen reno with key design ingredient, Silestone

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Tori Wesszer, registered nutritionist and popular food blogger behind Fraiche Nutrition, knows her way around the kitchen. And, she should because it’s the place where she spends most of her time – whether she’s working at the kitchen counter writing a new blog post, creating and photographing recipes, or cooking a healthy meal for her family. Tori relies on this space to be both functional and beautiful. We caught up with her to learn more about the inspiration behind her kitchen’s new design and why she chose Silestone in Eternal Statuario for her countertops.



Photo credit: Karolina Turek


Why is your kitchen important to you?

I LIVE in my kitchen!  It is my office, really, and the centre of our home. Our kitchen is by far the most important room of our house!  Having a functional and beautiful space for me to create dishes, photograph them, and entertain our family and friends is so important to us.


Photo credit: Tori Wesszer


Where did you find your inspiration for the redesign of your kitchen?

I looked on Pinterest a lot, but most of it came from my own visions of what I’ve always loved. My cousin, Jillian Harris is an interior designer with amazing style so, I leaned on her too. I’ve always been drawn to light, white, and open spaces with a traditional timeless feel and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

What is your favourite part about your kitchen? 

I LOVE my kitchen island and my hood fan!  I’m a sucker for symmetry and love that I can look at my kitchen and everything lines up – it’s pleasing to the eye. My island anchors the space, and we made a last-minute decision to mitre it and go with a thicker countertop – I’m so happy we did, it looks amazing!


Photo credit: Tori Wesszer

Why did you choose Silestone for your countertops?

I wanted the look and feel of natural Carrera marble with a more durable product and not too much veining. I scoured through every single product on the market (and spent so many hours doing so) and ultimately this was 100 per cent the best fit for our space. I seriously couldn’t be happier. Silestone is such a classy and timeless product; perfect for our ‘forever home’! We used it for every solid surface in our home.

What do you consider the most essential element to create a great kitchen?

The details. We spent countless hours figuring out the ideal space between the range and the island, working with our cabinet maker to integrate appliances, choosing the perfect hardware, spending the extra money to bring the cabinets to the ceiling and finishing it with crown moulding. The details, from function to form, are what separates a nice kitchen from a GREAT kitchen!

Do you have any advice for anyone considering redoing their kitchen?

Drink a lot of wine 😉

My advice is to figure out exactly what you need out of your space and spend the time to map it out. Create a design board to make sure that all of your selections work together and make sure that you look at the board in the same space with the same lighting that you will see in the finished space (colours look different in a showroom). Also, invest in the best products you can based on your budget, it really does make a difference!


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