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Silestone by Cosentino reinvents three dark shades with N-Boost Technology

Silestone recognizes the importance of offering a diverse selection of dark colours, recently reinventing three of their deepest shades with the innovative and exclusive N-Boost Technology. Stellar Night, Marengo and Tebas Black offer a distinctive style for home interiors while exceeding performance expectations.

Produced with the N-Boost Technology, a performance enhancing modifier that improves the aesthetic and functional properties of Silestone surfaces, each shade presents outstanding quality to complement any interior design project. This exclusive nanotechnology-based treatment has multiple benefits including its water-resistant barrier that repels any kind of liquid. It also creates a greater intensity of colour and enhances the lustre of each shade, boasting an extraordinary reflective shine.

Stellar Night sparkles with dozens of tiny mirrors of different shapes and sizes. It uniquely interacts with light with its polished finish, creating a beautiful shimmer.

<p>Marengo, an intense grey tone, offers simplicity and functionality fused in perfect harmony.</p>
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