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Silestone introduces new ground-breaking N-Boost Technology

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Newly patented by Cosentino, N-Boost is the latest notable advancement in Silestone quartz surfacing using innovative nanotechnology. N-Boost modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level, further enhancing its technical performance and aesthetic properties. This state-of-the-art technology ensures a greater intensity of colour and lustre while also providing a surface that is easier to clean and maintain than ever before.

Silestone’s N-Boost brings a competitive edge to the surface market. While other manufacturers apply a sealant layer to surface materials, which often requires re-application, N-Boost technology is built right into the Silestone surface and lasts forever. The molecular fusion produces bonds within the stone creating a built-in seal that will never fade or degrade. Its advanced technology improves the functionality, quality and beauty of the surface. This includes an incredible water repellent property, creating an extraordinary level of stain resistance. Another quality of this new technology is that it doesn’t alter or affect the other mechanical properties of Silestone, including its high resistance to impact and scratching, availability in large and customized sizes, and versatility for any home design application.

Watch how new N-Boost Technology works:


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Silestone’s new Eternal Collection and Iconic White are the first colours to offer this new technology. The remaining Silestone portfolio will eventually include N-Boost, which will be progressively included throughout the year.

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