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Silestone Lagoon countertops shine in Lemon Thistle’s new kitchen renovation

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Colleen Pastoor is a wife, a mom of four and the blogger behind the popular website Lemon Thistle. She and her husband recently purchased their BC home which was in serious need of a design update, especially the kitchen. After evaluating all of her surface options, Colleen partnered with Cosentino to feature Silestone Lagoon for the kitchen countertops. We caught up with Colleen to talk about her renovation and why her new ‘Classic Modern’ kitchen is getting rave reviews from everyone who visits her home.

Silestone Lagoon countertops shine in Lemon Thistle’s new kitchen renovation

What was your personal goal for the kitchen?

Our goal for the kitchen remodel was to not only make it functional for our family, but also a place that we loved to entertain and cook. Even though I love a great looking kitchen, I didn’t want that to be at the expense of the durability and function of the kitchen. Silestone countertops were the perfect answer for a durable surface for my four young kids to help with the cooking. They look amazing.

What was the inspiration behind the design of your kitchen?
Honestly, when I walked into this house, I was less than inspired. It was good enough in every way, but I didn’t have an immediate reaction like I have in every other space we’ve purchased or renovated. My husband gave me a bit of a pep talk and after spending some quality time with Pinterest looking at other beautiful ranchers, I started to pull together some vision for the space. I was totally inspired by all the green kitchens that have been making their rounds. My husband loved the idea and we ran with it.

If you had to put a name to the design style of your kitchen, what would it be and why?
The design style that we are trying to carry through our home is a modern ranch. The shaker cabinets read a bit more classic however the black hardware balances that with modern style. So I’d say ‘Classic Modern’. But this girl hasn’t taken any design courses, so I’m sure there’s some technical terms to describe the direction we’re headed!

Were there any design challenges or special requirements you had to overcome?
Yes, talk about challenges! We have always DIY’ed our remodels, but with moving the sink into the bay window, there were some custom pieces that needed to be built that we knew would be a challenge. Even working with kitchen cabinetry companies proved to be challenging for this space.

There’s quite a few windows for the size of the space. They maximize view, but not storage. We chose a full pantry wall to balance this. The pantry wall had three different depths thanks to a fireplace on the reverse. We masked that with different depth cabinets that are all flush on the front.

Silestone Lagoon countertops shine in Lemon Thistle’s new kitchen renovation

Why did you decide to incorporate Silestone into the project?
I think it’s clear how beautiful Silestone is. It’s also made to stand the test of time, and I’m certain that my family will test it! I was also challenged to find a beautiful solid surface countertop with a classic design that didn’t have strong linear veining (which would be near impossible to match with all the angles in the kitchen!). Silestone Lagoon is the perfect combination of the classic stone-look style with a non-directional veining for our multiangled kitchen.

What are the benefits of Silestone that you like most?
The durability for sure! As a family that has only ever had laminate, I’m beyond excited to let my kids help me bake and cook in this kitchen without worrying about scratching the surface or spilling strong colours onto them. All of my children have loved to help in the kitchen. I strongly believe this is a life skill (and memories!) they’ll take with them, long after we move out of this house. And mama still gets her beautiful countertops!

What’s your favorite thing about the design of your kitchen?
I’m in love with it all! It changes the flow of our home so much. I love that now the kitchen is open to the living space and dining room. I can see the kids playing in the backyard or the front yard while cooking. We also were able to incorporate all the special touches like a pot filler, bump out, and cased hood vent, that I’d been dreaming of without sacrificing the practicality for our family.

Silestone Lagoon countertops shine in Lemon Thistle’s new kitchen renovation

Do you have any design tips for homeowners thinking about renovating their kitchen?
Yes! This is the second kitchen that we’ve moved walls, windows and doors to remodel. I love how great the change is, but there’s definitely a lot to consider. Think about how you will use the space. Where will that microwave go? When you’re cooking, what do you want in reach?

Also think about the sight lines you want to be having. For instance, we were planning to have our dishwasher to the left of the sink. It makes the most sense on paper, but in our home, that’s right next to the living room. I don’t want to be seeing my pile of dirty dishes while I’m relaxing in the living room. And with our bay window, we have some faux door panels to accommodate the space. I requested full height doors on all the cabinets in that sightline to help them from looking out of place. Just because a sink usually has a faux drawer panel underneath doesn’t mean that it needs to.

To learn more about Colleen Pastoor and her new kitchen renovation, check out her blog at

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