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Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno

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Deborah McDonald – you may know her from her “major-design-inspo” Instagram or her newly joint blog – recently revealed her bathroom renovation and is living proof that bathroom horror stories CAN have happy endings.

The tiny dysfunctional bathroom in fact almost discouraged her from buying her century home! But a few years and many home improvements later, Deborah tackled the space and transformed it into a beautiful farmhouse bathroom with her vintage touch we love so much!


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno

Deborah tore down everything, carefully chose furnishings and even changed the location of the entryway but the end result was well worth it! And the finishing touch? A Silestone countertop that blends in perfectly with the room, is easy to maintain and protects her antique desk turned vanity.

We’ve asked Deborah a few questions on her process and inspiration, read her answers below (plus more pictures)!


What was the most important element you wanted to incorporate when you set out to redo your bathroom? 

Making this small bathroom feel as BIG as possible! One of the drawbacks of this home was that there were only two very small bathrooms! I needed to make this space feel much larger than it was while still incorporating all the necessary features to make the bathroom function. I did this by using elements such as the open concept vanity, a freestanding tub, adding open shelving and the sliding barn door. 


Staying true to your signature style, you integrated some great vintage pieces; was there another overall inspiration or vision behind your design?

From day one with this home, I have tried to stay true to the age and style of the house while still making it liveable for a family in today’s day and age. The bathroom was no different. I chose finishes that would have been a style from the early 1900’s like the polished chrome faucet with a soap dish on top and a matching vintage style bath tub fixture. I also love to have a story behind the vintage pieces I add to my home. The Spanish chandelier, 1800 circa French wicker basket and antique desk from Saskatchewan for a vanity give the bathroom so much personality! 


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno

Why did you choose Silestone and how was your experience with Cosentino?

I have had the best experience with Cosentino! They were so easy to deal with, worked with me on my quick turnaround time! The counter top turned out amazing! I went with White Zeus from Silestone and I am so incredibly impressed with this product! It adds so much class to the space!


What made you select the White Zeus colour and polished finish? 

I was hoping that the White Zeus would go with the simple, timeless look I wanted for the room. I didn’t want anything too bold as there was already so many subtle focal points in the space, if it was too patterned it would overpower the room. The polished finish almost makes it look like it is an enamel table top on a very old wash stand base! The beautiful counter top adds just enough ‘new’ to this very vintage inspired space!


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno


Your home is 115 years old! How has this affected your renovation process?

This home has been a pleasant surprise; it was built extremely well and has amazing ‘bones’! We renovated a 1940’s home in Calgary prior to this and it was such a money pit! This home has (touch wood) not given us many surprises at all and overall has been very easy to renovate. Sure the lath and plaster make it a bit hard to hang family photos in the wall but I guess you take the good with the bad! 

We haven’t needed to tear down too many walls though in this house, which is probably a good thing. Sometimes that is like opening up a can of worms! We feel so blessed to have this beautiful property and be able to bring it back to a family home! 


What is your favourite feature of your newly revealed bathroom?

All of it!!!! It was such a long time coming for this bathroom, so just walking into a new space feels so good! If I had to choose just one feature however, it would be not having the entrance come off the kitchen anymore! It is so nice to have some added wall space in the kitchen and extra privacy for the bathroom!!


Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno

Silestone puts finishing touch in vintage-inspired bathroom reno


What room will you be renovating next?

We have one more bathroom and our kitchen renovation to still take on! I may refresh a few rooms other over the summer but the next big renovation will hopefully be the kitchen!! I would love to use Silestone in there as well!

We hope to collaborate with Deborah again for her next home project!

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