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Six Canadian surface trends to watch for in 2017

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Trend #1: All about custom

Designers are always looking for something unique to add to their projects and nothing says one-of-a-kind more than custom. Integrating surfaces into custom furniture is a perpetually growing trend in Canadian design. More homeowners are starting to incorporate custom table tops into their homes not only for the natural-stone look but also for the durability these surfaces offer. Silestone natural quartz and Dekton ultra-compact surfaces are incredibly easy to clean and are scratch and stain resistant.

Pictured: Silestone by Cosentino in Lyra, as featured in designer Karl Lohnes’ dining room makeover


Trend #2: The New Fireplace

Given Canada’s grueling winter climate, the fireplace has become a common staple in most Canadian households. Fireplace design has significantly evolved over the years with traditional wood burning taking a backseat to more modern gas fueled installations. Canadian designers are trading in conventional brick surrounds with sleek engineered stone alternatives. Whatever style you’re looking to achieve, be it natural stone, solid colour or texturized, Dekton has many options to suit any design need.

Pictured: Dekton by Cosentino in Aura


Trend #3: Reimagined Flooring

Move over hardwood and ceramic, there’s a new type of flooring in town. Dekton is the perfect alternative to flooring and stairs due to its high resistance to abrasion. It will not show wear over time, will never need to be resurfaced or refinished and cleans incredibly well because of its near-zero porosity. Dekton comes in large format slabs, standard size tiles, and in various colours and finishes including those of which mimic wood, concrete and natural stone.

Image: Dekton by Cosentino couleurs Keon, Domoos et Danae


Trend #4: More than an Island

The kitchen island plays a major role in the overall look and feel of a kitchen. It’s for this reason alone why designers are starting to pay closer attention to the design of this home essential. More than just an area for food prep, islands are now being used as the primary space for dining and entertaining guests. Design trends include cut out troughs for chilling beverages, tiered levels for dining and food preparation and ultra-modern angular and waterfall designs.

Pictured:  Silestone by Cosentino in Pearl Jasmine

 width=Trend #5: Showers to sing about

Imagine never having to worry about shower grout ever again. Designers are starting to rethink surfaces in the bathroom specifically when it comes to the shower. Homeowners can now get that streamlined look by matching the countertops with the shower inlay. Not only does it look great but it is much more functional. Both Dekton and Silestone are non-porous and never need to be sealed. These surfaces naturally prevent liquid penetration, making them low maintenance options that are easier to clean.

Pictured: Silestone by Cosentino in Lyra


Trend #6: Living for the outdoors:

Canadians live for the outdoors which is why the outdoor living trend continues to grow more and more each year. From outdoor fireplaces and fully integrated kitchens to custom table tops and exterior walkways, Dektonultra-compact surfaces are the ideal choice for outdoor installations. It is nearly indestructible, scratch resistant, stain proof and will never fade or degrade over time due to its high UV resistance. On the cooler side, its thermal shockproof properties protect it from the extreme cold.

Pictured: Dekton by Cosentino in Aura (fireplace) and Trilium (table top)



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