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Top 7 Canadian Design Trends of 2016

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Trend #1: Outdoor Living Spaces

The outdoor living trend is now more than ever becoming prevalent in Canadian homes. The love of the outdoors paired with the opportunity to enjoy four full seasons, makes this once underused space now a regular part of the home. From outdoor kitchens to fully integrated fireplaces, Cosentino has taken note of this fast growing trend. The ultracompact surface Dekton is ideal for outdoor installations, as it is nearly indestructible, scratch resistant, stain proof and will never fade or degrade over time due to its high UV resistance. On the cooler side, its thermal shockproof properties protect it from the extreme cold. Picture Dekton in an outdoor food prep area or a dedicated open-air lounge space.


Trend #2: Classic Contemporary

The international flavours of Eurocucina was a source of inspiration by the Canadian design industry this year. The best of European design is making its way into Canadian homes with classic architecture and contemporary overlays featuring high-gloss surfaces and European-style cabinetry. Perfectly captured by Dekton’s XGloss Series, Cosentino’s high-gloss, high performance surface series adds a contemporary European flare to any space.


Trend #3:  Urban Renewal

A mix of recycled elements and contemporary finishes are making a long-lasting impression in Canadian design. Matte black is on the rise when it comes to plumbing fixtures and mixed metals are being worked into other areas of the home. Cosentino recently launched the first Dekton recycled content colour option – Trilium. The new colour captures the visual texture and colour variation of aged and oxidized stainless steel with hues ranging from deep grays and blacks to rusty undertones. It is the perfect surface for achieving the much desired industrial chic look.


Trend #4: Seamless Surface

Designers are choosing to use one surface to cover an entire space beyond just the countertops. This trend increases fluidity and often can make a space appear bigger than it actually is. Between Silestone and Dekton, there are over 100 colours and various finishes available for use in different applications including vanities, countertops, flooring and interior and exterior wall cladding. These slabs can also be book-matched giving the room a true mirrored effect.


Trend #5: Bold Colour

Bright colours are making a comeback, with designers opting to use daring shades for feature applications creating a focal point in the room. Silestone is available in over 60 colours that will complement any project, risky or not. Look for adventurous colours being used to enhance neutral palettes adding a splash of excitement to any room.


Trend #6: Simplicity

Home has always been synonymous with a place of rest. Canadian designers are channeling this serenity and moving towards the trend of negative space. Interior design is becoming more about curated furniture and artwork as the central focus. Neutral colours like Dekton Entzo and Makai are said to evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility, making these shades an ideal choice when it comes to minimalist design.


Trend #7: Graphic Aesthetic

Award-winning interior designer and  Silestone Trendspotter, Theresa Casey is a master when it comes to spotting the latest trends. She has noticed a new segment of interior designers who embrace a graphic aesthetic with their designs. Layering and mixing patterns with different textures and choosing surfaces that are more outside of the box is becoming the new norm. The Trendspotters have had a busy year launching the Silestone Etching Series which features two unique colours – Ink and Aquatint. This series not only looks trendy, but is also the first to combine the benefits of durable Dekton and Silestone in one surface.



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