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West coast designer Jamie Banfield shares his inspiration on latest design project

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We recently sat down with Vancouver designer, Jamie Banfield of Jamie Banfield Design to discuss one of his latest design projects – an open concept condominium with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. Jamie and his design team diligently worked to create the unique space incorporating the view as one of the focal points of the home. Here’s what he had to say about what inspired the design:



1. What was your design inspiration for this project?

I found my inspiration in the view and the surroundings of the condo. Located on the north shore of Vancouver, the space is literally surrounded by water, trees, rocks and the gorgeous view of the city. The living room in particular has a spectacular waterfront view. The view struck us from the moment we walked into the space and it certainly influenced our colour choices throughout the project.  What is better than a palette inspired by nature and beauty?

2. The fireplace surround was done using Dekton, how do you see surfaces like Dekton being used in design in the future? 

Dekton is an amazing product. I can see how some fabricators are comparing it to quartz, but we need to understand that it is a new product with new technology. Because of its properties, the applications are endless. Designers should consider so many more applications than just countertops such as wrapping fireplaces, exterior and interior flooring, exterior cladding, and all wet zones in kitchen and bathrooms.

3. What is your favourite part about working on a project like this?    

I think the best way to design is to create a vision with our homeowner clients. When the client stands behind the design as a team member and doesn’t say “So and so designer worked on this for us,” rather “We worked with Jamie Banfield and his team to create our space,” it’s incredibly satisfying. I love hearing that.


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