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YouTuber Manon Lapierre of ‘La Petite Bette’ chooses Dekton for her kitchen renovation

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Manon LaPierre, also known as La Petite Bette (The Little Beet), is a wife, a mom to a set of twins, a popular Canadian lifestyle blogger and YouTuber with over 35,000 subscribers and a self-taught chef extraordinaire. One of her main passions is food, creating and perfecting countless recipes for her fans for several years. Manon recently partnered with The Home Depot and Cosentino on the redesign of her kitchen, a space that is near and dear to her heart. We caught up with Manon to talk about the inspiration behind her beautiful new kitchen and how her Dekton countertops play a significant role in the functionality and durability of her space.


Why is your kitchen important to you?

I believe that in most houses the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is definitely the case for ours, considering the fact that we are professional food YouTubers and we spend probably 35% of our time in our kitchen! But frankly, even before, my kitchen has always been my creative haven. When alone, I put on music, organize my ingredients and get cooking. When I invite friends over, we do “atelier-style” meals, cooking together. It’s so much fun and it takes the stress away from hosting. You need a good workspace to make homemade ravioli or baguettes with your friends!

Where did you find your design inspiration for the redesign of your kitchen?

Mostly, on Pinterest, the internet and in magazines. I was also inspired by the Montreal Cosentino City showroom in Old Montreal. I have to admit, I was a little stressed until each part was installed that it would all fit together. But it did!


What is your favourite part about your kitchen?
My new upgraded island, with Dekton in Opera is what made the most difference in our space. It did cost more than the original laminate material I had installed, but the visual and practical impact is undeniable. I already know I will never regret it. We almost doubled our island square footage. This provided much more space for cooking, filming and prepping. I also love, love, love the addition of kitchen stools which allows the island to become a space to host family & friends comfortably.

Why did you choose Dekton in Opera for your countertops?
Given we picked greyish cabinets, we wanted a kitchen surface on the white spectrum to allow enough light in the kitchen. We liked that Opera is matte, which for taking photos and videos has great benefits (no reflection). Also, this surface is heat resistant which is amazing! I can transfer a pot directly from oven to my counter without fumbling to find a proper heat protectant pad.



Dekton® Opera, Velvet Texture


What feature do you like most about your new countertops?
Do I have to pick one? My kitchen is not a gallery. It is used. A lot. I wanted it beautiful, durable and practical. Dekton Opera is the whole package 🙂


Do you have any advice for anyone considering redoing their kitchen?
I have lots. If you speak French, I have two videos with specific kitchen renovation advice on our Youtube channel. My top advice would be: if you feel frustrated by your current kitchen, don’t wait 10 years to change it. That’s what I did and I cannot believe how it changes the house, the space and our daily lives. Really, it’s an investment that has direct impact on our family. I wish I did just the island 10 years ago.

If you don’t have the budget to renovate everything, pick your priorities and start now. We just resurfaced the cabinets versus changing the entire design and cabinetry. This allowed a complete change of look with leftover dollars to put towards the island, which is the heart of the house. Evaluate your options. It’s very tempting to go cheap … we know…. but for us our Dekton countertop is the cherry on the sundae. We wish we had put more money towards our countertop in the beginning versus the laminate surface we originally chose.


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