Image number 21 of the current section of Excellence in ultra-compact facades in Cosentino Canada

Image number 22 of the current section of Excellence in ultra-compact facades in Cosentino Canada

Excellence in ultra-compact facades

Dekton offers design excellence, composition, colour, geometry and resistance for façades. Without a doubt, it is the most differentiating element in the appearance of a building, providing the most diverse and solvent options.

Facades that adapt

Facades that adapt

Complex geometries, transitions at different heights and joint solutions. colour and visible edges can be used to achieve design objectives with Dekton.

The skin of the structure

The skin of the structure

Dekton plays with the form of the building, providing reliable protection by following its geometry and helping to enhance its defining features.

Surroundings with personality

Surroundings with personality

Dekton is ideal for wraparound facades. Hidden anchors and precision joints are key in obtaining a visual unit. Chromatic perfection and adaptability.

The star facade

The star facade

There is no impossible challenge for Dekton: When the project aims to highlight scale, uniqueness, colour or impossible cuts, Dekton is a safe option.

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Resistance to the most extreme conditions and situations

Dekton’s high performance is guaranteed to be able to withstand the most extreme conditions, both weather conditions and external agents, natural or chemical.

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Resistance to fire, sun and freezing

Dekton has the best classification in terms of fire resistance: A1. UV rays do not deteriorate or change its colour, it remains unchanged over time. It is not affected by sudden changes in temperature as it is resistant to thermal shock.

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Determination of thermal shock resistance according to UNE EN ISO 10545-9

For ventilated facades, the material is delivered in mesh with A2 s1 d0 classification.

High resistance to ultraviolet rays

Acid and scratch-resistant

Highly stain-resistant

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Flexural strength

When comparing Dekton with other common façade materials, according to the EN 14411 rule, we find that:

Dekton values higher than 45 N/mm2

Extruded Ceramic (A1b) min. > 18 N/mm2

Dry Pressed Ceramic (B1a)min.>32 N/mm2

Maximum fire and heat-resistance


Resistance to thermal shock

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Easy maintenance

Thanks to its low porosity, the material isn’t affected by graffiti or chemical agents in high concentrations, which allows easy maintenance of the facade.

Resistance to aggressive products:


Sulphuric (77%) + Nitric (70%)

no damage


Caustic soda (40%)

no damage


Hydrogen peroxide (30%)

no damage


Sodium chloride (10%)

no damage


Acetone (98%)

no damage

Mechanical resistance

Reduced water absorption

Dimensional stability

Construction systems



Our product is tried and tested with the highest of quality standards.



Hidden mechanical fixing with metallic profile on the continuous groove of the piece’s edge



Hidden mechanical fixing with staples at intervals along the groove on the edge of the piece



Mechanical fixing using visible staple that holds the pieces



Mixed fixing (mechanical plus chemical) hidden in the groove by the reverse side of the piece



Chemical structural fixing of pieces onto profiles.



Pieces are fixed directly to the enclosure



Fixing of pieces onto an external thermal insulation system (ETIS)

Delivering the best service through our network of certified façade installers

Support throughout the project’s process

Technical Advice

Design and development

Layout and Mock-ups

Project management and execution


Initial Advice, Analysis and Technical Proposal

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Detailed study of all parts of your project:

• Project Manager Assignment
• A team of more than 15 experts (architects, engineers, etc.) in project analysis and execution.
• Software for management and interpretation of blueprints.
• A team of designers.
• Different teams visit the Studio.
• Advise on construction regulations.
• A chance to obtain any certificate.
• Advice and solutions for LEED certification.

Quotation and Technical Proposal:

• A study of customer proposals and input of new ideas by our team of experts
• Lay-Out recalculation: 1) Less Waste = Higher savings, and 2) Improved aesthetic finish.
• A detailed budget for items
• Speedy budget implementation <48h
• Completion of specific certificates or tests for the project
• Coordination in security documentation.

Image number 29 of the current section of Excellence in ultra-compact facades in Cosentino Canada

An R&D + Innovation team together with our internal designers, work in direct contact with the customer through our CustomColour Product Manager.

Infinite colours and designs

Chromatic varieties in monochrome bases, different textures and high-quality graphics. Possibility of creating customised designs and colours thanks to our CustomColours department.

Decorated edges

Integration of surface and edge unlike conventional ceramics, perfect for joints or pieces with visible edges.

Wide range of thicknesses

Different thicknesses 4, 8, 12, 20 and 30 mm according to fixing or design technical requirements.

Large format

Due to its minimum size of 3200 x 1440 mm, the distance between floors is covered with a single piece, facilitating installation and lowering installation times.

Special works and customised solutions

Preparation, supply and placement of all types of grooves and holes for anchors, trims, etc. Any finish on the edge of the pieces. Meshing of the pieces to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the materials.

Variety of cuts

Standard formats
Maximum use of the table. Fewer joints, achieving a sheer skin.


Possibility of making custom facade modulations with customised panels or pieces directly assembled from the factory.

Layout and Mock-up


Possibility of project aspect in 3D Digital


We ship actual size samples


Possibility of on-site mock-up

We offer the possibility of preparing a mock-up to be able to validate structures and modulated systems in advance.

Project management and execution

Image number 32 of the current section of Excellence in ultra-compact facades in Cosentino Canada

1. Production

Deadline period thanks to the link between Project and Factory through our Project Manager.

Daily review of Production Date Plans adjusting to work setbacks.

Material Factory: More than 140 workers.
Max capacity of 240,000 m2 CTS a month.

Project Factory. Facades, flooring and cladding.
Max capacity of 150.000 m2 a month

2. Quality control

Validation of production plans by the customer as well as the final product before loading and shipping.

Each piece of the finished product is individually checked by our quality team.

Support when receiving the material/piece from our Technicians, according to the project

3. Packing

Customised packaging. We pack all our materials treating each piece as an individual unit, adding specific protections in each case.

Vertical or horizontal design possibilities.

Choice of other specific materials - ECO Packaging.

Organisation by lots, items and size

Information sheets (security, material, use, maintenance, etc.)

4. Logistics

We manage the goods efficiently from point to point for the customer thanks to a Logistics and Planning team of more than 170 people.

More than 40 Containers and 20 trucks per day.

Preferential agreements with the world’s leading shipping companies.

Dry port in our facilities with capacity for more than 150 containers.

Agility in customs and ports.

5. Post-sale

Incident management and resolution. Cosentino’s specialised staff can travel for ‘on-site’ assessment and resolution.

Transport insurance to guarantee the perfect condition of our shipment.

Monitoring and traceability of all shipments to destination.

Training in the use and maintenance of the material in each application.


Image number 34 of the current section of Excellence in ultra-compact facades in Cosentino Canada

Dekton Warranty

Cosentino has a specific team from the Quality Department, trained to provide on-site support. In addition, we have our Dekton Trainers. Their mission is to provide training and the certification of workshops for the proper preparation of materials.

Dekton is the only brand that gives you a written certified warranty. Only Cosentino, a world leader in surface production, can differentiate itself by giving a 25-year warranty with Dekton.

Cosentino innovates again by offering a long-term warranty to consumers. Relying on high-performance materials such as Dekton for facades is equal to success, confidence and guarantees.

Certificates and Tests

Dekton is internationally certified, which guarantees and assures its use in ventilated facades.


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