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Cosentino unveils Portfolio ’20, part of The Collection Dekton 2020

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The Portfolio ’20 series acknowledges day-to-day life and a variety of design preferences, with colours that portray classic styling and natural tones. Part of The Collection Dekton 2020 this three-shade series was created for easy selection in various types of architectural and design projects. Portfolio is the perfect surface series for timeless designs. 

Rem is inspired by Calacatta Lincoln, one of the most elegant white marbles found in the world with delicate brown and grey veining and touches of gold. Soft and understated, the background and fine veining offers endless versatility to complement any cabinet, paint, or finish.

Bromo features dark blue and grey shades, inspired by smooth, metamorphic rock such as slate. Its subtle details, delicate texture, and natural aesthetic allow it to stand out or blend into any well-designed environment.

Milar features a background combining grey and brown tones; a weave inspired by rusty and eroded materials. Its stippled detail and dark, irresistible tones not only give this shade personality but also bring versatility and an on-trend design sensibility.

The three shades of Portfolio ’20 are also listed under other Dekton collections. Milar also belongs to the Dekton Industrial Collection, while Bomo and Rem are part of the Dekton Natural Collection.

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