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Introducing Avant-Garde ’20, new to The Collection Dekton 2020

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The Avant-Garde ‘20 series is the latest series to be added to The Collection Dekton 2020. The series includes the shades Laurent, Helena and Khalo, three premium, rich colours for unique, cutting-edge design projects. Each shade boasts spectacular shine paired with the unrivalled durability Dekton is known for.

Laurent, inspired by Port Laurent natural stone, features gold veining which brings warmth to the deep, dark background. This colour provides the perfect balance for designing the most sophisticated spaces. Laurent is part of the Dekton Natural Collection.

Helena, is ethereal in design, featuring white and grey tones which are balanced by a delicate, cloud-like crackled effect. This shade’s beauty and remarkable shine make it ideal for designing stylish and elegant spaces. Helena is also part of the Dekton XGloss Stonika Collection.

Khalo, inspired by Patagonia Granite, features a unique sparkle and shine that emphasizes its complex and colourful structure. Intense blacks, pale golds and toasted browns combine to create a shade that is distinctive in the surface industry, which can be used to make a big impact in various design projects. As with Helena, Khalo also part of the Dekton XGloss Stonika Collection.

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