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Dekton’s Olimpo countertops, the centre of inspiration for Happy Housie’s new kitchen design

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Krista Aasen is the blogger behind the popular DIY, lifestyle and décor blog Happy Housie. She recently completed her most spectacular renovation yet – her kitchen. The space was in need of a design overhaul with dark walls, stained countertops, dated cabinetry, an unnecessary exterior door, and an awkward layout. During the planning process, Krista came across Dekton and appreciated all the benefits. Soon after, Dekton’s Olimpo became the inspiration for the kitchen’s colour palette. We caught up with Krista at her home on Vancouver Island to find out the details behind her magazine-worthy kitchen and why she loves her countertops so much.

Where did you draw your inspiration for your kitchen design?
I wanted to create a welcoming, comfortable, but elegant feel in the kitchen; a modern farmhouse style with classic finishes as well as upscale and modern elements drawn in. I approached this project with a save/splurge strategy and focused on spending our money where it counted most. The countertops and appliances were a priority for creating the look that we wanted, and we saved significantly by using Ikea cabinetry, inexpensive bevelled white subway tile, and affordable tile flooring laid in a modern grid pattern.

How did you come to pick your colour palette for your kitchen?
I drew my inspiration for our colour palette from the Dekton Stonika Olimpo countertops that I fell in love with. I also wanted to work with a warm grey cabinetry colour (they are actually Ikea Grimslov Grey cabinets), and the Olimpo colourway was the perfect complement. To add warmth to the grey and white combination we went with gold-tones in the faucets, lighting, and cabinetry hardware. The combination of white, cream, grey, and gold gives a soft warmth to the overall space.  

Why did you choose Dekton for your countertops and island?
I was initially leaning towards quartz and began to research Silestone, which led me to discover the new ultra-compact surface countertop product called Dekton. This suddenly opened up a whole new world of options for me, and as I read more about the qualities of Dekton I decided that it would be the perfect fit for our busy family and kitchen design.

I love that Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that is completely nonporous (as it has no resin), so it is much more stain-resistant than any other solid or compact surface countertop. Our previous quartz countertops (which were not a brand name) actually stained quite easily.  Dekton is also so scratch-resistant that you only need to use a cutting board to protect your knives (not the surface itself!). It’s so heat-resistant that you can even put hot pots and dishes directly on it. And the fact that Dekton is available in larger sizes means that we only have one tiny little seam directly behind our sink in our entire, huge kitchen space! I love that!

What about your kitchen makes it unique?
The little eating nook and bar/beverage centre definitely make our space stand out from your average kitchen. By opening up some walls in our home we were able to completely reconfigure the previous way that the home had been used and gained the space to create this fun hang out spot in our kitchen. In addition to the little banquette and bar area, we also incorporated an extra pantry cabinet and a home office/command centre cabinet in this part of the room. It’s where we house all those household items that don’t always have a designated space, where incoming mail goes, and where we charge our devices. What was once an odd walk-through kind of space leading to our main kitchen has now become a functional and useful area of our home that also gives it a fun and unique feel.

When it came to the design of your kitchen, what were some of the necessities you needed to have?
I absolutely needed to have a farmhouse sink again and this time we opted to go with a classic white ceramic farmhouse sink that breaks up the expanse of grey cabinetry. I also wanted beautiful modern gold faucets, and we love the touch function on our main faucet; it makes clean up so much easier! Double-wall ovens with a separate cooktop were on my dream kitchen list, as was a massive island in the centre of our space.  And, of course, beautiful solid surface countertops were top of the list!

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