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Great Canadian Backyard Series: Station Grill creates a contemporary commercial outdoor kitchen for The Strøm Spa

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It’s time to sit back and relax. This week in our Great Canadian Backyard series, we head to Mont St-Hilaire, Québec where Station Grill built a commercial outdoor kitchen and dining area for The Strøm Spa. During the summer months, the Nordic spa serves up freshly cooked boreal-inspired cuisine for their clientele and was in need of an outdoor space for food preparation. Station Grill gladly accepted the challenge, building a beautiful yet functional space for spa-goers to dine. We spoke to Marc Lacroix, co-owner of Station Grill, about this unique commercial project and how it was outfitted to accommodate a professional chef and his team.

What inspired the owners to add an outdoor kitchen to the spa?
The Strøm Spa design team wanted to an outdoor kitchen and terrace to create a relaxing experience for their clients. They wanted very specific appliances to accommodate their chef and his team.

Were there any challenges with building the outdoor kitchen space?
The chef and his team needed to be able to cook and serve clients in the outdoor section of the spa during the summer months. The challenge was to design an outdoor kitchen functional for a chef, making it super-efficient in a limited space working within the budget given. We also had to accommodate for a Big Green Egg XXL – the biggest charcoal grill that we have ever had to install.

Why was Dekton chosen for this project?
We used Dekton Orix in 20mm thickness to add a raw and modern look. The magnificent pattern blends incredibly well with the pool, nature, concrete flooring and the furniture. We chose Dekton Orix for its light texture, but mostly because it’s the best material for outdoor applications. Dekton is easy to clean and is resistant to scratches, heat and UV rays. It’s really an amazing product to use for outdoor kitchens.

Do you have any insight to share when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen space?
Preparation is the key to a successful project! Make sure you have planned the electricity, gas and water for where you want to build your outdoor kitchen. Also, a good thing to consider is a bioclimatic pergola on top of your outdoor area as a solution for sun protection.

This kitchen in particular has all the essentials: a charcoal grill, a refrigerator, a good gas grill, a cargo trash and recycling can and storage including a cutlery holder. We always say if there is enough space, adding dining area is a good idea.

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