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Toronto Chef’s Kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial design

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We are always thrilled to see our surfaces come to life in the hands of our partners and the many talented designers, and this chef’s kitchen is no exception!

Ontario designer Linda Mazur owns an award-winning design firm that prides itself in creating innovative and stylish yet timeless interiors that are a true reflection of her client’s needs and individual style. Late last year, Linda was tasked to design the residential kitchen of professional chefs and chose Dekton Radium from our Industrial Collection, a colour that mimics the look of a rusty, acid-degraded steel plate (and is made from 80% recycled materials!).


Toronto chef's kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial


The result is a polished rustic and industrial look combination – the warm wood, cement tiles and steel-like countertops paired perfectly – that opens up the room and will be as durable as it is beautiful! And since Dekton is highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat and thermal shock, this kitchen will be able to withstand a chef’s demanding surface needs!


Linda, how was your first experience working with Cosentino and Dekton?

There were many reasons we were initially drawn to Dekton as a product for our clients, and in theory we felt it would meet all the needs of our client and our project, it being known for its durability. We were happy with Cosentino’s follow-through over the course of this project and overall were pleased with the final outcome.


What are your favourite Dekton features/benefits? Will you be using it again?

We selected Dekton for various reasons, but the aspect of Dekton that we found most appealing was the strength and durability of the product. Its resistance to stain, heat, scratch and abrasion made it the perfect pick for our clients. Our clients are both professional chefs and are accustomed to a high traffic and heavily used kitchen, so they needed something that would withstand all the elements, and the rough and tumble lifestyle that they and their family lead. We would absolutely be open to using Dekton on future projects!


Toronto chef's kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial


What was the inspiration or vision behind your design?

We were lucky to have clients that were open to an eclectic mix of styles and finishes; and that allowed us to get the creative juices flowing in this modern/rustic kitchen. The primary objective of the project was to create a kitchen that was functional, with adequate storage, spacious (so that they could enjoy cooking and baking with their children) and could withstand the heavy use they are accustom to while still reflecting their personalities into the space, as well as maintaining a “home” not “work” feel. We designed a kitchen infused with the industrial vibes of a commercial kitchen; with hidden storage, a large work surface and ease of mobility throughout the space, while reflecting the rustic-bohemian tastes of our clients’ home.


Toronto chef's kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial


What made you and your client gravitate towards the Radium colour from our Industrial Collection?

We loved everything about the look of Radium. We were looking for a product that had a bit of movement and contrast in it – but nothing drastic or with an abundance of colour to it. We found the “well-worn” look of Radium perfect as it blended well with the custom made raw steel legs we had designed and fabricated for the island, creating a great focal point that is one of the first things you see upon entering the home. We love the texture and movement of the product, and that it had a gorgeous industrial feel to it that you just can’t achieve with stone – Radium was the perfect fit.


Toronto chef's kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial


From a design perspective, what do you consider the most essential element to create a kitchen befitting a professional chef?

Our clients are professional chefs by trade that also run their own business, so functionality was at the forefront of all of our design decisions in this kitchen – all products needed to be durable and practical to meet the needs of a busy family in a heavily used space. What takes a space like this to the next level is the selection of products that not only check all the functionality boxes, but also offers a design aesthetic that flows with the rest of their home. We believe that any kitchen, regardless of our client’s profession, needs to reflect their (and/or family’s) lifestyle and needs. Ease of mobility is very important in any kitchen design, equally important to functional storage space. Quality professional grade appliances and durable finishes that can “take a beating” are fantastic features for any kitchen!


The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home; do you have any design tips for this particular space?

The kitchen is easily one of the most used and abused spaces in your home – it’s host to parties, family gatherings, quick meals, late nights, early mornings, and so much more. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box with your kitchen design! Select products, finishes, and appliances that will meet your functional needs as a homeowner, but have some fun colour, pattern, texture, and more! Let your kitchen design set the tone for the rest of your home, and reflect not only your lifestyle, but also your personality. Kitchens are no longer simply utilitarian spaces; they have become fully integrated into our homes and a primary space for living and entertaining, not just cooking.


Toronto chef's kitchen: a perfect blend of rustic and industrial

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