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Mid-century Maximalism Design Inspired by The Queen’s Gambit

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Mid-century design trends are back in a big way, as seen in the hit Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit. Mid-century maximalism, a design trend seen throughout the show, is characterized by bold geometric patterns, slender furniture silhouettes, European-inspired design, warm jewel tones and sophisticated metallics.

An article in Veranda magazine explained all the trends and we decided to take a fun, deep dive into how to incorporate these style elements from The Queen’s Gambit into your home using Cosentino surfaces. Checkmate!

Fun Fact: A few of the scenes throughout the series may look familiar to Canadians! Parts of the series were filmed on location throughout Ontario, including Toronto, Cambridge, and Hamilton.

Bold Patterns

Magical wallpaper and exotic prints were used throughout the show to highlight the glamour of travel during the 1950s and ‘60s. We’ve paired these bold patterns with Dekton Baltic, part of the Chromica series. Baltic is a deep, matte blue shade that adds a dark touch to any room. It’s a sophisticated take on bold colour, making it the perfect match for daring wallpaper designs.

Pattern images via: Veranda

Groovy Geometrics
Bold geometric patterns were common in design spaces throughout the 1950s and ‘60s. These designs can be incorporated throughout the home in various ways, one of which being the flooring. As we’ve seen in the 2020 Princess Margaret Showhome, designer Brian Gluckstein used carefully cut pieces of Dekton Sterling and Vegha in 12mm thickness to create a beautiful geometric pattern in the home’s stylish main floor powder room. A game of chess anyone?

Sophisticated Metallics
Traditional French furnishings with sophisticated metallics can be found throughout The Queen’s Gambit. We’ve paired these gold and silver metallics with Silestone Nolita, part of the Loft Collection. It’s a soft neutral shade that blends together hues of white and light grey, making it a great choice with warm-toned wooden elements and a variety of metallic finishes.

The Queens Gambit image via: Veranda

Which of these mid-century maximalism inspired designs is your favourite? Comment below.

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